New Year, New Things

Welcome to passports and visa! This is my inaugural post and one of the positive things (read: not a resolution) I look forward to experiencing this year. In case you couldn’t guess by the title, I love to travel whether it’s abroad, exploring new neighborhoods in NYC or taking a quick weekend trip. I love the idea of “going somewhere”. I also love fashion with a passion (cliché intended). To me, shopping is therapeutic and brings a calming sense of happiness (at least until my visa bill comes in).

Although New Year’s has essentially come and gone, as this is my first post I thought I’d share some of the “positive things” I look forward to doing this year.

Start a blog (check); send handwritten notes; take more fashion classes; plan a vacation; shop in independent boutiques; drink more red wine (pinot noir is quite good); stress less at work (I’m not curing cancer after all); cook more, order out less; take a wine-tasting class; watch old movies; implement minimal chic buying habits (this is the closest thing to a true resolution on my list); and make genuine connections with awesome people

If you’ve aborted your resolution plans already, maybe this post will rekindle that fire inside. What do you look forward to experiencing this year? I’d love to know.

3 thoughts on “New Year, New Things

  1. This is great! And just in time because I need help! I’m going to NYC in March and have a couple of days on my own. Suggestions?

    • Thank you! I’ll shoot you a note on some places and neighborhoods I love. If it’s warm when you’re in town, I would definitely suggest renting a bike and riding through Central Park! A lot of fun and little bit of danger…you have to ride a few blocks in NYC traffic before entering the park :).

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