where to go, what to do? – S.A.D.

singleawarenessday“where to go, what do do?” is a series on the blog providing travel ideas for a variety of situations.

With the end of the holiday season, Valentine’s day approaching and a business trip that has me traveling the days leading up to Valentine’s day made me think – what would I do if I had to miss a holiday because I was away from home or simply single?

Here are 3 ideas if you’ll be alone this Valentine’s Day. Think about this way, you’re spending time with the person you the love most: yourself!

Celebrate “Single Appreciation Day”(S.A.D.). Didn’t know this day existed? Me either! But according the reputable source, Wikipedia, Single Appreciation Day is celebrated on February 15 (or the 13th) whatever day strikes your fancy and was designed to be the anti-thesis to this Hallmark created day. I say take yourself out to dinner or treat you to a spa day. I can’t think of anything more relaxing than this triple play – champagne, massage and mani/pedi.

Take advantage of your hotel room. How often do you really get to enjoy your hotel room when your own the road? So, take this time to actually enjoy all of its amenities: Turn off your phone, run a bubble bath, slip into a robe and slippers, light some candles (if you happen to travel with them) and order room service with a side of wine and dessert. If you feel like going crazy -order a rom-com movie and lol at the fact of just how ridiculous the plot really is.

Take a trip. Sound crazy? Maybe not. I recently read an article in The New York Times that promoted the idea of solo leisure travel during the holidays. If your budget allows, go to Brazil and witness the Brazilian Carnival. Apparently Brazil doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14, but in June. Check kayak, book a ticket and enjoy a temporary getaway from the Valentine’s holiday and substitute it with beautiful scenery, festivities and people!

Happy S.A.D…Be Happy and Enjoy ;-)!

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