great thing, small package

ipad mini

This blog post is inspired by one of my least favorite trips – the inevitable trip to the laundry mat.  Having to pack up my laundry that has piled up over the weeks and schlepping it down the stairs and then down two blocks I try to not to add more stuff to my load – like a purse.

As it’s the dead of winter, I have to wear a coat outside so I choose my favorite army-green parka with extra-large pockets. I load one pocket with my phone, laundry card, cash and keys and in the other pocket just one great thing, in a small package – my iPad mini.

I’m not super techy, I’m pretty sure I’m a few updates behind on my iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, but I can say for those of you considering if you should get the mini or the “grown-up” version I vote for the mini. And, I’m not voting based on the speeds and feeds and other cool “features”, but based on practicality – go figure! It’s the perfect size. I mean it fits in almost anything – I’ve thrown it in the front pocket of my work bag, and as easily into my small cross body bag and like I just mentioned it even fit in my coat pocket!

If you don’t believe me, here’s the visual evidence. I apologize in advance for the grainy photos, they were taken with my other essential – my iPhone4 (read not 4S or 5) just 4J.

Full disclosure: I am NOT being sponsored by Apple for this post. Although that would be nice.

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