penne pasta

penne pasta dinner

This year I decided that I would try to cook more and order out less. This is still a work in progress as I tend to wait until I’m on the brink of “starvation” before I decide on what I want to eat and the last thing I want to do is go into the kitchen and “whip” something up. I mean it is New York, I can pretty much order whatever I want and it’s there in 30 minutes or less. And, thanks to I don’t even have to call, I can just order online! So, in my attempt to cook and not starve in the meantime I’ve started out with simple, healthy meals to cook. Here’s the evidence: Penne Pasta – no real recipe needed. To add my own “dash” to meal, I simply add oregano to the boiling water to give some flavor to the pasta and sprinkle the McCormick Perfect Pinch Italian Seasoning in the sauce while it’s simmering. Add a side of garlic bread, small caesar salad and a glass of wine and voila dinner – nothing fancy, but definitely does the trick!

penne ingredientsIngredients:
• 1 box of Barilla Whole Grain Penne Pasta
• 1 jar of Trader Joe’s Traditional Marinara Sauce
• 1 loaf of Cuban bread
• Oregano
Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb
• McCormick Perfect Pinch Italian Seasoning
• Kraft Parmesan Cheese
• Romaine Lettuce
• Maple Groves Farms of Vermont Fat Free Caesar Dressing


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