how do i look? – grunge chic

I don’t have much commentary to go along with this post, outside of this is my take on a grunge look. Do I dare call it grunge chic? Or is that just an oxymoron? Ah well, I liked it and it was a perfect outfit to go grab tea with a friend at the wonderful Darling Coffee (a.k.a “The Squirrel” at least to us) Side note – If you’re ever in the Inwood area in Manhattan I’d recommend stopping by – it’s a great place to grab tea, coffee and hang out with uptown “hipsters” (wow, my second oxymoron in this post!). I also recommend adding an AM Baguette to your order it’s good, really good!

Now back to the post at hand – you’ll notice I DON’T have the arbitrary combat boots (instead replaced with flat black boots with a tan lace fold-over collar), plaid shirt tied around my waist, or a leather jacket, but I do have lots of layers – five to be exact!

What I’m wearing:

Jacket & Tank (layers 1 & 4): H&M
Sleeveless Denim Shirt (layer 2): Levi’s (old but similar here)
Denim Shirt (layer 3):  J.Crew Chamray shirt
Scarf (layer 5): TJ Maxx
Jeans: Elizabeth & James TEXTILE (these exact ones might be sold out but similar here and here)
Boots: Diesel (old but like these as a replacement pair one day)


2 thoughts on “how do i look? – grunge chic

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