packed and ready to go! – vegas work trip (pt. 2)

what's in my travel tote

what’s in my travel tote

I searched for the perfect leather travel tote for awhile and while I’m not typically drawn to Coach (it’s just a little too classic for me). There was something about this one that wouldn’t let me leave the store without (maybe it was the “if you don’t buy it”, I will chant from my fellow shoppers). Since I purchased almost two years ago, it’s been on every business trip since and is still holding strong.  Outside of the need for a good cleaning it’s the perfect work bag.

So, what’s in my travel tote?

  1. Envelope clutch that doubles as a wallet
  2. Vintage jewelry pouch (it was my grandmother’s)
  3. Travel pillow (love this one because it has snaps that allow you to clip it to your purse or bag)
  4. Toiletries  bag (stay tuned for a later post on my favorite travel beauty essentials all under 3 oz.)
  5. Chanel sunglasses
  6. Travel folder
  7. Envelope I use to keep track of my receipts
  8. iPad mini
  9. Jewelry pouch that doubles as a charger holder 🙂
  10. “Fancy” Kleenex & hand wipes (not pictured)
  11. Notebook (this one is company branded, I’m in marketing and manage tradeshows what can I say?)
  12. Cosmetic pouch (just big enough to hold my chapstick, lipgloss, 2 lipsticks, pill holder and hair bands)
  13. Pair of socks (to keep my feet warm on the plane)
  14. And finally, my work laptop

Everything fits comfortably and it even has a pocket on the side that holds an umbrella or bottle of water. My only “complaint” is that the bag can get a little heavy, but I think that’s due more to the fact of my laptop (I still don’t understand why we don’t have Macs, I mean I work for a tech company!).

When I start to wain on my love for this bag, here’s another one I’ve been eyeing. It’s great because you can slip it over the handle of your rolling suitcase and is really light. This one is also catching my eye. I could use this for work or play.

So, tell me what type of tote do you carry when you travel?


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