san diego – here i come, again


I’m not particularly looking forward to my early morning, cross-country flight to the west coast (not sure what I was thinking when I booked my travel); however, I do look forward to taking a break from the constant hustle of the city and welcome the beautiful views of the Pacific coast.

I was in San Diego earlier this year (as seen here), and will be heading back to attend a conference next week so I decided I would tack on a couple of days before the conference to head to the beautiful La Jolla area. Life has been a bit crazy lately so I’m going against my natural grain of being my typical planner-self and NOT scheduling every minute during my mini vacay. I look forward to waking up and seeing where the day leads me, and I hope Mother Nature is kind and won’t actually bring the RAIN as is forecasting.

I’ll be staying at the Residence Inn, I know it sounds like a random choice especially with all of the beautiful hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area. But, what can I say I’m a Marriott gal and when I went to make my reservation the lovely lady informed me I had two certificates I needed to use before they expired – SCORE for me! No hotel bill + No need to use my points = more shopping now and another trip later??

Plus I’ll be transitioning to the beautiful San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina for the remainder of the week.

Stay tuned for instagrams and tweets and subsequent posts on what I packed, ate, did or didn’t do and potentially bought.

If anyone has any suggestions on things I SHOULD check out drop a line in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “san diego – here i come, again

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