packed and ready to go! Cali to VA

everything i packed

everything i packed (work & play)

There were a lot of variables in play when it came time to pack for this upcoming trip – weather, vacation, work conference, travel attire and then “just in case” depending on how long I end up staying in VA after the Mother’s Day weekend. That’s no small feat especially when you ONLY carry on.

The key is versatile pieces:

  • Cropped black dress pants that can go with 2-3 tops, can be dressed up with heels for work or down with a great pair of flats. I personally love J.Crew minnie pants. They have the perfect mix of cotton and spandex, essential for a girl with curves and they come in great colors. I’m currently eyeing the bright berry and byzantine blue ones! 
  • Comfy jeans that still look polished – I love Current/Elliott and Mother jeans for this. They give you that same comfort and cozy feeling that leggings or sweats give you, yet you look much more pulled together.
  • Shirts that are light, easy to layer and even easier to pack because they take up less space and leave more room for bulkier items like shoes and pants or any purchases you acquire during your trip. Silk blouses (love Parker and DVF, for a more affordable option check out Joe Fresh), cotton tees (love Mossimo brand from Target) and cashmere sweaters (again J. Crew or Uniqlo are great for these) will NEVER go out of style. If you don’t invest in anything else, I say double down on these basics and look for styles that have a nice print or a bit of an edge – like this sleeveless blouse, this cashmere sweater or this silk blouse

For those that like to pack their ENTIRE closet, remember baggage fees are REAL and I’d be willing to bet that you won’t even wear half of what you pack. I know what you’re thinking I like to have options, what if we do this? or that? But ask yourself are those options worth the extra $50 – $100 in baggage fees that you could have spent on your actual experience?

first step

first step

second step

second step

Even as I look at this list, I can’t help but to feel like I’ve still over packed. Oh, well it’s too late now but I at least know I won’t be stuck with unwanted baggage fees!

As always comments and feedback are welcomed! 

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