La Jolla in May: don’t do it!

la jolla cove

La Jolla Cove

So let me preface by saying – I don’t mean don’t visit La Jolla, just don’t do it in May or June if you’re looking for sun and relaxation. Keep reading why….

I recently took a trip to San Diego for work and decided to tack on a few days at the beginning of the trip for fun and stay in the La Jolla area. Much to my chagrin, May in San Diego is much like  springtime (especially this year) in New York – UNPREDICTABLE. Whoever started the rumor it never rains in Southern California (Tony! Toni! Tone!) – you lied! It definitely rains and I’m not talking Florida rain (15 minutes and then the sun comes out hotter than ever). I’m talking all day rain with cloudy, gray skies. So, a little tip from me to you – if you’re planning a trip to the San Diego area I would avoid May or June. As I learned from my Super Shuttle driver, May and June have very grimacing nicknames – “May Gray” and “June Gloom”.

However, this is probably the time you’ll find some great hotel and flight deals because people are not flocking to the coast. I didn’t complain much because I stayed for “free”, meaning I had Marriott certificates to use before they expired! Thank you to the lovely receptionist at the Residence Inn La Jolla for pointing that out and allowing me to save my points for a rainy day (pun intended!).

TRAVEL TIP: If you’re a Marriott loyalist like me and sign up for whatever deals they email you and then forget about it, be sure to ask if you have any CERTIFICATES that you can use for an upcoming trip. Certificates expire, you’re points don’t! You’re able to use them on any hotel in Categories 1-4

If you do find yourself in that area in May or June, just be prepared and be sure to rent a car. Cali is spread out and public transportation is NOT always easily accessible. At least if you have a car (I didn’t for this trip), you can venture to some other local attractions like:

Stay tuned for other highlights from my trip – where/what I ate, where I shopped (just a little) and where I stayed (a more detailed post with pics).

Even with the gloomy skies, La Jolla was beautiful and it only makes me want to go back when it’s full of sunny skies….




5 thoughts on “La Jolla in May: don’t do it!

  1. I’m DYING to visit San Diego for sooo long now, June Gloom or not 🙂 I can’t believe i’ve spent more than 8 months in California without going!

    • That happens! But, definitely get down there. It’s beautiful and lots of things to do. I just wanted to give folks a heads up…I was hoping for sunny weather so I could lie out on the beach. Oh well, I’ll be back:-).

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