eating in LaJolla and San Diego

I didn’t get a chance to venture out too much on the dining front on this trip. After my mini vacation, I was pretty much limited to conference food for the remainder of the trip. But here’s a snapshot of some of the meals I did happen to scarf down:-). And, next time I’m in the area I plan to visit Cody’s LaJolla – this was a cute restaurant right off the main strip. I tried to go one day, but I got there too late. They close pretty early (around 2 or 3pm) and will even close earlier if the weather is bad! And for a swanky meal, George’s At the Cove. It looked incredibly chic and modern from the outside and has stellar reviews on Yelp.

Residence Inn 

Another perk of staying at the Residence Inn – free breakfast! It’s no Cracker Barrel (reference for those on the East Coast) or even IHop, but hey it’s free and it’s more than a basket of stale muffins and bagels. The menu changes slightly every day, but each day there was some variety of  eggs, potatoes, and bacon or sausage. One morning they even had breakfast burritos. And of course the usual suspects – oatmeal, bagels, toast and even a waffle station so you can make your own chocolate chip waffles – that’s enough for me! And, the coffee wasn’t half bad.

residence inn la jolla

DIY – chocolate chip waffles & coffee

Cusp Dining & Drinks

What can I say about this place – beautiful views – great service – and waiters that looked like sophisticated surfers! It had that California cool vibe. I went during Happy Hour and the place was not crowded at all. I sat in the bar area so I could take advantage of the great view of La Jolla Shores. Going in I didn’t plan on having a 3-course meal, but by the time I left that’s exactly what I had.

For appetizers/Happy Hour – I had Sangria and their pita with dipping sauces

cusp dining & drinks

pita trio

For the main course – I switched to a nice Pinot Grigio and ordered the Chef’s “whatever” pasta of the day – this title scared me a bit, but it turned out to be absolutely delicious. Just the right amount of spice in the sauce and seafood with pasta.

chef's "whatever" pasta

chef’s “whatever” pasta

And to top of the meal – Apple crisps. They looked liked mini donuts and tasted like heaven. Totally worth the full belly:-)!

apple crisps - yum!

apple crisps – yum!

Leucadia Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant 

When traveling you don’t really think about delivery as much of an option (unless you consider room service) but I found this to be an acceptable option while staying at the Residence Inn. There’s no room service or on site restaurants (the mini convenience definitely doesn’t count) so you’re at the mercy of a car to go somewhere or to order from the one of the local restaurants that actually deliver. This day I had planned to take a walk and grab something to eat, but rain came pouring down so I decided to stay in and order lunch. I probably would have been better off stomping in the rain – apparently when it rains in California everybody orders in! My estimated wait time  during lunch was an hour and 45 minutes on a Monday!!! Luckily it came before then. The calzone I ordered was okay, the dough or sauce was a little too sweet for my taste, but hey it did the trick.

leucadia pizzeria

leucadia pizzeria


I’ve been to Searsucker twice now, once for lunch and now for dinner. I have to say this place has been 2 for 2. Outside of my love of the decor – a wonderful mix of industrial chic and country farmhouse, the food and service is exceptional! Our waitress was quick, friendly and described the menu in a way that made you want to order everything! And, she was also knowledgeable about the wine and provided an excellent recommendation for our meal.

Dinner: Monkfish, butter potatoes, fried brussel sprouts + walnuts, and Sauvignon Blanc



Dessert: Next to brownies and apple pie, donuts are the next best thing for dessert! And, these were amazing.

mini donuts with dark chocolate sauce

mini donuts with dark chocolate sauce


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