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south beach

south beach

For those of you like me who have wonderful girlfriends and family know the importance of taking AND the fun to be had on a girls trip.

My company shuts down the week of Fourth of July and this year I decided to head down to Florida to visit my cousin (aka one of my girls!). The plan was just to go down, chill out with her and her family; however, when I mentioned my plans to another one of my girls, she immediately responded, “I could use a vacation and some time at the beach as well, mind if I come along?” A few more phone calls were made, tickets booked and a girls extended weekend trip was born.

For this trip, we had no major plans outside of lots of beach time! And, that’s how we started our trip. We got off the plane,  dropped our bags, changed into our bathing suits and headed straight to South Beach.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t too crowded when we got down there (around noon). We parked in our go-to garage on 11th &  Collins Avenue, stopped by the store to pick up some sunscreen and then headed to the beach. Usually when we go to the beach we just rent lounge chairs, but to our surprise they’ve stepped up their game since our last girls’ trip to South Beach and brought a little Nikki Beach to the masses and at an affordable price.

Travel tip: You can now rent a bed that’s right by the water for only $50 for the ENTIRE day!

As the fourth in our quartet hadn’t arrived, the three of us fit perfectly and ended up spending about the same amount as we would have on a lounge chair and ended up with TWICE the comfort. The beds were super soft, came with a cover and towels and to top it off you don’t really need to move. The rental company has a select menu of sandwiches, chips and drinks that you can order straight from your bed. So really you only need to move if you need to take a quick dip in the ocean, snap a pic, or to make the trek to the ladies room or Wet Willies for a cold beverage ;-).

All in all that was an awesome surprise and a great way to kickoff the trip. Next time, we’ll be sure to be prepared with our own bundle of snacks and beverages to really kick up the experience/enjoyment of our beachfront bed.

In case you’re curious, here’s my Day 1: Beach outfit & Beauty supplies


Bikini – Victoria’s Secret mix and match bandeau  (old). New styles on sale here. I like this combination of polka dots and florals.

Cover up – DVF Mandisa long  jumper (not shown in my pics, but below) this DVF loves Roxy one is super cute and on sale!

Straw Fedora – Lauren Ralph Lauren (Woodbury Commons outlet pick up) but I like this stadium cap version and this one, a twist on the traditional straw fedora, and this wonderful sun hat.

Sunnies – Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators (love my aviators that I picked up on super sale after I lost my Ray-Ban ones in the Pacific Ocean, but also love these Ray-Ban “Brad” sunglasses that I picked up at the Bloomies Outlet during the trip.) They’re technically men’s glasses, but they fit my face perfectly and the gummy-textured frames provide a flexibility that should help them from getting crushed in my bags :-). Not too mention the inherent cool factor of these.


ray-ban “brad” sunglasses


Everyday Moisturizer – Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Tinted Moisturizer for sunblock purposes (I have sensitive skin and regular sunblock breaks me out) – Laura Mercier Illuminating spf 20 (warm radiance)

Lipstick – Nars Pure Matte Carthage (albeit it’s starting to fade a little in the pics, but I love, love this hot pink color!)

Sunblock (at least our version) – Australian Gold Spray Gel

Nails – mani [Essie – Blanc] & pedi [Butter London – Blagger]

Beauty tip: I don’t give many of these because I’m no beauty expert, but I picked up a great tip from my manicurist (shout out to Aja @NailLoungeny) when getting my mani and pedi for this trip. When using whites or opaque nail polishes, sit under the nail dryer before placing the top coat on. This will help your mani last longer.


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