where to go? fontainebleau hotel at least once

front of hotel

front of hotel

As part of our girls’ trip, we decided to switch it up a little and take the party to the northern part of Miami Beach. So, we headed to Fontainebleau to stay for the night and into the next day. And, I have to say the hotel lived up to its many adjectives – Glamourous. Landmark. Iconic. Romantic. Alluring.

The rooms are nice, pool area expansive (a little reminiscent of Vegas pool areas) and private beach was relaxing. The beach area was a little more rocky than South Beach and the waves a bit more forceful, but that was okay as I didn’t really leave the lounge chair until I changed scenery and headed to the pool. Note, if you want one of the oceanside beds, that will set you back $300 big ones. Not sure why you’d do this when the lounge chairs are just as comfy and FREE!

Be sure your credit cards are full because the drinks are expensive. I had a large pina colada on the beach and it came to $22.59 with taxes and 18% service charge (don’t forget in Miami they automatically add gratuity and label it as a service charge). If you don’t need to drink by the beach, I would recommend holding off until you go to the pool. The prices are a little cheaper.

Onto the nightlife, we decided to check out Liv to see if it liv(ed) up to its hype. We went on Sunday, which is hip hop night and I have to say I was a little disappointed. I expected the pretentiousness of being picked from the crowd, but we were a group of all girls so we simply had to make eye contact with one of the “bouncers/promoter” guys and that was it. The concierge recommended getting down to the “line” that’s not really line by 11:00 or 11:30. As I mentioned, we were a group of 4 WOMEN, so we didn’t quite make it down there at the time. It was more like midnight. But, it wasn’t too crazy and the club was practically empty once we got inside. The club is a lot smaller than I expected and if you’re not getting a table there’s not much space to dance or stand. On a positive note, the music was good, but the crowd appeared to be pretty young. The damage to get in was $40 and drinks $18 for a glass of champagne. It wasn’t a special event night, although LL Cool J was performing that night, but we didn’t end up staying long enough to see the performance. All in all, it was cool to visit. I can say I’ve been there. I saw a few celebrities, people watched, had a drink or two and broke in my new heels.

Like I said in the title, if you haven’t been to Fontainebleu check it out at least once. I think it’s a great hotel for a girls weekend or a romantic getaway. They have some 5 star hotels and spa amenities that I would like to try out if I go back. But, I wouldn’t recommend it as a family hotel, even though there were quite a few European families at the hotel during our stay.

What say you, will you or have you visited Fontainebleau?


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