eat here: atlantic surf club

atlantic surf club

atlantic surf club > Ft. Lauderdale, FL

During our Florida girls trip, we decided to take a break from the Miami Beach scene and head to Ft. Lauderdale Beach for lunch.

say cheese

say cheese

While Fort Lauderdale, certainly has the typical spring break haunts (Fat Tuesday, anyone?) they also have hidden gems like Atlantic Surf Club, which just so happens to be a pretty darn good American cuisine casual dining restaurant. I think their website sums up it perfectly – “Good vibrations. And even better food…” I had the buffalo chicken sliders and margherita pizza and I can say there wasn’t a morsel of food left on my plate (editor’s note: these were two separate meals, I’m not that greedy, lol).

The wait and management staff were super attentive and as someone who appreciates good interior design, I really enjoyed the mix of industrial chic and beach decor. Added bonus, when you receive your bill they give you a postcard, which you can address to anyone and they’ll mail it for you! I tested this and my postcard was in my mailbox by the time I returned home – such a cute and original idea!


amazing view from the open window seating area

As I alluded to above, I had two meals at this restaurant during my trip. My cousin and I liked it so much, we decided to stop back in the next day when we headed to Fort Lauderdale Beach for 4th of July festivities. Take a look at the view below: wow, what a difference a day makes!


fourth of july at fort lauderdale beach

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