cheers to the weekend: sunday brunch

first round!

cheers! first round! sunday fun day!

If your week has been long and hectic like mine, you’re probably looking forward to the weekend as well. One of my favorite weekend activities this summer has been Sunday brunch. There are a plethora of options, especially in NYC, but last weekend my girlfriend and I decided to venture to the top of Yotel for a little rooftop action. On Saturday and Sundays, YO! Brunch takes over DohYo and the Terrace. It’s all you can eat, and drink for only $40! There is one caveat, you can’t stay there all day as well. There is a two-hour limit. Trust me, that’s enough time and although we gave up our table after two hours, we took our last round of sangrias and moseyed over to the rocking chairs to finish them. I recommend making reservations, but don’t fret you don’t have to do it far in advance. We made ours the day before.

The menu is tapas style with a variety of options from sushi rolls and salads, to french toast and beef sliders. Everything we tried and I mean everything (the tortilla and confucius chicken salads, spicy tuna sushi rolls, disco fries (no gravy), general tso’s popcorn chicken, crab rangoon spring rolls, and french toast with pineapple compote as our dessert) was delicious. The servings were perfect to share for two people and honestly we were a little full after our first round of food but we pushed on and pretty much tried most of the menu, smh. To wash everything down, we sipped on mimosas and white sangria.

The ambience: perfect and last Sunday’s weather made it even better. There was a gentle breeze and the sun wasn’t beating down on you so you could thoroughly enjoy being outside. They also have the inside area and that’s where the entertainment action was happening – waitresses on roller skates, a balloon artist, a DJ and dirty dancing, drag queens lip syncing and doing the splits, and contortionists doing things with a hula hoop that I wouldn’t have believed unless I saw it with my own eyes. All in all, you really get the best of both worlds. A little peace and serenity outside, and a party, party going on in the inside.

To sum of this experience, my friend said it best: “If not on a beach, this is how Sundays should be spent!” 

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