where in the world?! washington, dc

In this post, I showed you what I packed, now I’ll tell you a little about where I stayed and what I ate. Insert sad face here, I didn’t have a chance to do any shopping, eh well, next time.

First, a few snapshots of what I packed and how I wore them. 

Where and what I ate. It’s what I tend to do a lot of when traveling.

Masa 14

I started my trip off at Masa 14, which is located in the cute and steadily growing neighborhood of Logan Circle. It’s a tapas style menu, but the decor is decidedly industrial chic – No Jaleo remix here. You’re greeted by a staircase leading straight to their rooftop area, bleached wood, an open kitchen in the back and bar to the right.

I went with one of my girlfriends, but I think this would be a good first date place because it’s not overly romantic but still intimate. At the recommendation of the waiter, we ordered five plates, although we would have been good with four. By the time the last plate came out we were too full to actually enjoy it. We ordered the Wild Mushroom flatbread, Green Apple Chicken, Pork Belly Steamed Buns (hers, not mine as I gave up red meat and pork years ago), Shrimp and Crab Lumpia and Crunchy Shrimp. I’m not a mushroom fan, but the flatbread was probably my favorite and be sure to order the Mojito Especial, it’s delicious!

Location: Logan’s Circle – 1825 14th Street NW

Rosa Mexicano

This pseudo chain has THE BEST GUACAMOLE (period)! It’s made to order at your table and is just absolutely delicious. After a long day of setting up for the event, I wasn’t too hungry so I ordered a couple of side dishes (rice and black beans and crab empanadas) and topped them off with a margarita!

Location: Penn Quarter – 575 7th Street & F Street NW [just steps away from the Verizon center and Chinatown]

Old Ebbit Grill

What can I say about this place? It’s simply a DC staple and never disappoints. I mean, to be around since 1856, you have to be doing something right. This was the perfect place to welcome home my cousin and her family who literally had just returned home from living abroad for the past couple of years. The restaurant serves upscale American saloon (read: not bar) cuisine. I recommend the crab cake sandwich, but my cousin’s seafood salad also looked delish.

Location: 675 15th Street NW [just steps away from the White House]

Brasserie Beck


Oh, Brasserie Beck, how good are you? Very. I went here with my boss and director and had a wonderful meal. It’s a European style brasserie, which roughly translates to a relaxed, upscale restaurant setting that is typically open every day of the week and serves the same menu all day. (sorry for the side note just wanted to give a little lesson, lol). As I hail from and worked in VA, I’ve been to Brasserie Beck a couple of times before and it’s again one of those great restaurants that you can depend on for good food and a nice environment. We started off with three cheeses from their selection (Bucheron, humboldt fog and chimay biere), when in Brasserie Beck you must order and share a plate of the Belgian frites accompanied with the three dipping sauces and for my entrée I had the Poulet a la Grand-Mere, which equals roasted amish chicken, potato puree, glazed baby vegetables and rosemary jus. And, to top it off a glass of Sauvignon blanc and mango sorbet. To say I was stuffed after this meal is an understatement, which is why we decided to walk the 8 blocks back to our hotel after we were finished!

Location: McPherson Square – 1101 K Street NW 

Where I stayed

J.W. Marriott

I’ve been here a few times over the years for other work events and, while I’m a Marriott loyalist, I have to stay I wish this hotel would do a few updates to make it feel a little more glamorous and special. I mean, it is located across the street from The Willard and around the corner from the ultra chic W hotel. To me it’s very much a business hotel, although, there were lots of families staying there to do their tourist thing. There’s a convention center within the hotel and it’s literally just steps away from the Ronald Reagan Building, where many events are held including the one I was there for.

I can say the staff at this hotel is extremely kind and helpful so two thumbs up for that and I enjoyed my non-room service meal at Avenue, the on-premise restaurant. During this trip I had a penchant for crab cakes, so I also had a crab cake sandwich here and if I had to choose I give the nod to Old Ebbitt Grill, although this one was pretty tasty.


Nonetheless, I was staying here for work so I didn’t spend a ton of time in my room or the hotel, but I did take my own advice from this post. I had an evening where I was actually able to sit back and relax in my robe with room service and reality tv. And, finished off the night by sleeping soundly in my bed.


All in all, my time in DC was all about work, which I did a lot of, but I sprinkled it with some family time, eating and a little bit of sightseeing. A lot is the same, but some things have definitely changed since I moved away from the area. I mean the parking lot where I used to catch the bus to NY is now full of condos instead of buses!

Hopefully, this post gives you some ideas on where to eat or neighborhoods to check out the next time you’re in DC.

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