packed and ready to go! augusta and atlanta

So I had to head to Augusta, GA for work and decided to spend a few days in Atlanta once my show is over to visit my friends (business in the front of the trip, party at the backend of the trip – that’s a mullet reference for those who didn’t pick that up ;-). While Labor Day serves as the “unofficial” yet official end to summer, it’s still hot as hell in Georgia so I packed accordingly.

As I’ve mentioned in previous packing posts, I try to stay within a color theme so that peices can be easily mixed and matched. This also helps me to narrow down my shoe collection and stick to my general 3 pairs of shoes rule (disclaimer: I don’t count my Marc by Marc Jacobs flip flops as those are more for shower/room shoes). For this trip, I’m sticking to white, black, and blue with a hint of yellow and patterns to give otherwise basic items a much needed punch.

punch of work basics with a bold color

punch up work basics with a bold color

Since, I’m going for a tradeshow, a couple of days are reserved to wearing a uniform of a white tee, company-branded sweater and my trusted, go-to J.Crew minnie pants. However, I do have opportunities to inject my style personality into this trip. Take the above set for example. I packed a J.Crew no.2 pencil in a great, bold yellow hue. For the business-side, I’ve styled it with my DVF silk blouse and Stuart Weitzman or Zara heels. For the party-side, I’ve paired it with a go.make.noise sweater with an awesome tribal print and fringe with my newly acquired 3.1 Philip Lim booties.

casual 'fits for traveling and lounging

casual ‘fits for traveling and lounging

This set is totally my travel, lounging and show set up gear. From left to right, Everlane box tee, Equipment cotton blouse, Mossimo tank, Everlane “ryan” tee, J. Brand shorts, J.Crew denim shirt.

partay time!

partay time!

This set is totally for the “party in the back” end section of my trip. It’s been years since I’ve traveled to Atlanta and the first chance I’ve had to visit my friends since they’ve moved so I’ve packed a couple of nice dinner or lounge-worthy outfits – Parker strapless dress, a Truth & Pride silk blazer, Mossimo tank, Alice + Olivia silk leopard shorts, both of these outfits will go perfectly with my new booties, which are perfect for transitioning into cooler weather.

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