where in the world?! 5 random things to do in atlanta

After my work trip in Augusta concluded, I made the 150-mile trek northwest to Atlanta. If you ever decide to make that journey along I-20 from Augusta to Atlanta, be prepared for a long, relatively non-scenic drive. As one person described, it’s like driving in a tunnel and you are more than happy to run into life and random Atlanta traffic…see I took a picture!

actually happy to see traffic

ATL, finally! 

Really the drive wasn’t that bad, I was just happy to make it to the “A” and begin my visit with one of my oldest and dearest friends, whose really more family than friend. We had a general plan of action – eat, shop, catch up! There’s much more of Atlanta to explore, but these are just 5 of the “randomly” planned things I wanted to share and suggest adding to your itinerary the next time you find yourself in ATL.

Random activity #1: Take a walk through a park

Piedmont Park, that is. It’s like the Central Park of Atlanta, located in midtown, walking distance from stores, restaurants and bordered by highly desired and highly priced real estate. But, what I loved was the peacefulness, the pond and plopping my butt on one of the swings…

Random activity #2: shop ’til you drop

There was definitely more shopping that took place, but Fox’s and Rag-o-Rama in Little Five Points had me “swipe it!” at their boutiques.

Fox’s is a designer off-price store, who’s mantra is “catch the thrill of a great buy!” and I have to say I found a thrill. At first glance, I didn’t think the store had much to offer, but after perusing the racks and venturing to the back of the store to the shoe section, my visa card started to inch out of my wallet. My friend found some lovely casual frocks from Free People and I spent more than a little time in the shoe section and walked out with a pair of Calvin Klein sandals for the thrill price of $29! But my little eye also spied…

After leaving Fox’s, we headed to the Little Five Points section of Atlanta, which is very much hipster-grunge with lots of vintage and thrift shopping. We didn’t have much time to venture to multiple shops, but stopping at Rag-O-Rama was worth the trip. They have tons of mostly thrifted items, but also some special vintage gems sprinkled in the inventory. I walked out with this vintage “Mad Men” coat, but my friend and I also found….

my mad men coat

my mad men coat – and yes, I slipped into my newly purchased sandals, lol!

This vintage Diane Von Furstenburg black silk blouse, which she promptly bought…

These military-inspired jackets…

Awesome accessories like this Rag & Bone-like fedora and Missoni for Brics weekend bag…

Random activity #3: Eat at the first Moe’s Southwest on earth

I don’t think it gets more random than eating at the first-ever Moe’s Southwest Grill#WELCOMETOMOES as the saying and greeting goes. They pride themselves on taking food quality and customer service seriously within their “casual food environment”, but they try to keep it fun by playing music from dead artists to honor those who left us too soon, and giving items on the menu unique names like the “Close talker” salad I had. I’ve been too several Moe’s outside of the Atlanta area, but it was kinda cool to go to where it all started…

Random activity #4: Eat pizza

Yes, eat pizza. Eat pizza at Blue Moon Pizza to be exact. This is not blasphemy against NYC pizza, but Blue Moon has been “crowned” as one of, if not, the best pizza place in Atlanta. It’s a local “chain” in Atlanta, opened in 2003, with the mission of “giving people an everyday place that feels special.” I like the fact that they let you order just a slice, if you want, and have a variety of options to make your pizza “special”. I’m pretty simple when it comes to mine – margherita please! But, what I found to be truly special were their lemon-pepper chicken wings. I mean, delish! It’s the perfect amount of peppery spice with a tad of tartness from the lemon.

Random activity #5: Eat lunch under a tree

You can either opt for lunch in Piedmont Park or walk a few blocks and lunch under the tree at Einstein’s. Service was a little slow here, but the waiter was extremely nice and the food was good as well. And you couldn’t beat the atmosphere. They have a good selection of entrees, perfect for a lunch date. I opted for the turkey burger topped with avocado and a side of sweet potato fries. And, being in the south I washed it down with a cold glass of sweet iced tea…

What say you? Any random activities to add to this list?


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