professional, yet sexy work wear

“Beautiful clothing for the purposeful woman. Where luxury fashion and practicality exist.” 

That’s the ethos of M.M. LAFLEUR.

As I mentioned in this post, I attended the “Keep Calm and Carry On” event, which just so happened to be held at the M.M. LAFLEUR pop up shop. As someone in event planning, I was impressed by the “pop up” shop design with its wooden panels displaying the company’s practice of transparency and serving as the outer coating of the fitting rooms. I sipped on some make-it-yourself mimosas while I browsed the racks, learned the names of each dress and waited for a dressing room to open up.

I work from home, so my work pieces have become fairly limited over the past few years (many days can be spent in leggings) but I’m always interested in learning about new brands for when that time comes that I’ll need or (more likely want) to add a new dress to my work arsenal.

I’m not fond of trying on clothes so I decided on 3 styles – Niko, Jina and Sarah.

First up, Niko. A kimono-like, wrap-ish long-sleeve dress that means business. I love that each dress has its own story and personality and Niko is a “B.S.-free take charge type of gal.” I really wanted to love this dress, I have a secret affection for kimono-like clothing but the truth is, this one didn’t fit me like I’d hoped. It was a little too big on top and tad snug on the bottom. I’m a pear shape so it can be difficult to find the right dress that fits my curves off the rack. This is one that would definitely need a trip to a good tailor.

Material & Care // viscose crepe – dry clean only

Oh Jina, how cute you were on the hanger in that wonderful cinnamon color. So soft and sharp at the same damn time. This dress’ personality is described as split, marrying a fitted sweet top and voluminous drop-waist skirt. Again with my shape, the propositions didn’t quite work but someone with a boyish figure or no hips and personality to boot – this is the dress for you! Sorry, forgot to take a picture while trying on this dress, but take  look below at the picture from the online site. They recommend to dry clean but cold gentle wash works as well.

Material & care // double knit jersey


Last, but certainly not least – Sarah, my Sarah 2.0. This was my favorite and after reading “her” story now I know why. A “Sarah” makes her personal style known amongst the sea of suits and conservatism in the office, appropriate yes, but unafraid to push the boundaries. She can hold her own with the office acronyms but they don’t define her. She’s equally, if not, more savvy discussing the latest trends and fashion news. Made from the latest Japanese synthetic fiber, this dress is stain resistant, wrinkle-free, completely machine washable and oh so sexy, sleek and strong. I didn’t pull the trigger at the pop up shop, but I definitely have my eye on this one. It was completely comfortable, had the right of amount of stretch and not to mention the undeniably travel benefits it inherits.

So, there you have it. While some styles didn’t fit my particular shape, the style, execution and story behind this brand definitely makes it one to check out. I’m glad I got the chance to check it out in person as they’re an online-only shop.

But don’t fret, this brand is made by women for women so they understand the intricacies of shopping online. They allow you to place up to 4 items in your dressing room to try on, meaning you can order different styles or sizes. You get to keep it for 7 days and simply send back whatever doesn’t work. You only pay for what you keep and they cover shipping both ways. I mean, how great is that?

M.M. LAFLEUR you have a new stalker on your list. I’ll be sure to keep tabs and pull the trigger when the time is right.

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