packed and ready! va 2 hawaii

I’m about to hit the road again. Home to VA for the Thanksgiving holiday and then off to the wonderful state of Hawaii for work, followed by a few days of fun in the sun. With that said, that’s two completely different climates and three occasions to pack for. And as I’ve mercilessly documented on this blog, I’m packing everything in a carry on. A challenge, yes. Crazy to limit myself to a carry on, maybe? Without further adieu, let’s get into it.

Here’s my baggage for the trip. My trusty Le Sportsac weekender bag, Everlane backpack to carry my electronics (including 2 laptops) and work documents and new Marc by Marc Jacobs woven straw world tote.



Again, as this trip is basically 3 parts in 1, I packed my bag accordingly with items I’ll use while eating turkey at home in one pouch and packed it on top and those for my work and my fun in the sun in separate pouches and placed on the bottom of my bag.

For my time at home, I packed a pair of grey J. Brand jeans, Maison Martin Margiela swather, Marc by Marc Jacobs “turkey’ tee, and my go-to J.Crew denim shirt. For footwear, I plan to wear my super old, but totally comfortable Nine West cognac boots (I think I can get one more year out of them thanks to my awesome shoe repair guy, he works wonders!) and my Converse low-top chucks.

va is for "packers" oh and "lovers"

va is for “packers” oh and “lovers”

For my travel days to and from Hawaii, I packed a super comfortable outfit – it’s a REALLY long flight – but something that I could easily layer and unlayer once I land. For this, I packed a pair of black “snake print” leggings, a leopard print tunic, cashmere blend sweater and my Converse low-top chucks. For my outwear, I will have my Michael Kors leather jacket to keep me a little warm but it’s also not so bulky to stowaway once I get on island.

I be traveling, yo

I be traveling, yo

I didn’t photograph my work options because they’re pretty basic and have been chronicled before (I welcome, i.e. request that, you to search the travel/packing archives). For this show, attendees tend to take on the island nature so the overall vibe is fairly laid back and doesn’t warrant the need to pack heels this go ’round. If you’re interested, here’s my work run down:

J. Crew minnie pants // Black sheath dress // Company branded sweater & polo // Coral blazer // Charles Philip leopard print loafers

I’m very fortunate to have traveled to the beautiful state of Hawaii before (this makes my 4th trip) but in all of my times I have not left the island of Oahu. So, this time I’ve decided to island hop over to Maui to enjoy a little R&R. Being a planner by nature, I’m resisting the urge to plan out every moment of my trip and just go with the flow. The only thing I HAVE planned, is to indulge in a two-hour spa and massage treatment.

Sorry, I digress, there will be more on my future “where in the world” post so back to the present and packing. For my R&R time in Hawaii, I followed the KISS methodology (keep it simple stupid).

relax, relate, release...

relax, relate, release…

2 Everlane tees and 1 tank // Joie silk zebra shorts // H&M shorts // 1 bikini top with 2 bottoms // Havianas “Freedom” sandals (not pictured, they didn’t arrive in time for the photo op, lol)

Other essentials:

Theodora & Callum “Playa” scarf // Rayban mirror sunglasses // small pouch of jewelry // small umbrella (it’s rainy season right now in Hawaii) // Moroccan oil, styling cream & curl defining cream

Of course, I packed more toiletries but that’s really an exercise in routine products that stayed packed and ready to go on a moment’s notice.

I’m sure many are traveling for the upcoming holiday, what’s in your bags? Or, for those who have traveled to Hawaii – what did you find to be essentially needed?

One thought on “packed and ready! va 2 hawaii

  1. You are truly a world class traveler…To be gone this amount of time and the outfits and personal belongings all in one bag you go lady!!!!

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