eat here: my fav places in waikiki

So if you follow this blog or drop by for an occasional visit you know I like to eat. So, I’d be remised if i didn’t share some of my favorite food haunts in waikiki.

Honolulu Coffee Company
This is a must visit place in my opinion. Not only is it attached to the wonderfully historic Westin Surfrider Hotel, but it is also home to the kick-ass acai bowl. Acai is a brazilian berry they mix with strawberries, and top with sliced bananas and tropical granola. I’m not sure my words can do it justice, but I told a friend about it last year and she became hooked as well.

acai bowl and kona coffee photo credit: passportsandvisa

photo credit: passportsandvisa —> acai bowl and kona coffee

Alan Wong’s 
This is off the beaten track of the main strip so you’ll need a car or take a cab here, but it’s so worth it. I’d recommend going here for a special occasion as it will remove a few ducktets from your wallet. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been here, so I can’t remember the exact dish I ate BUT I do remember EVERYTHING was good. I don’t think you could go wrong with anything on the menu.

Marukame Udon
Absolutely delish! I’ve passed by this place many of times and always saw a line cascading out of the front entrance, but being the cynic I can be at times I just thought it was an overhyped tourist trap. Boy, was I wrong. I think I might be addicted to udon noodles now thanks to this place. I had the kamaage udon and my friend had the curry noodles and they were both amazing. We got several tempera sides to share – fried chicken, sweet potatoes, shrimp and green beans. As this was my first time partaking in Udon noodles, I probably could have a used a lesson in the proper way to eat them with chopsticks:-). While I was able to use the chopsticks, it certainly wasn’t pretty and was a little messy. The noodles were pretty long, so I might watch a youtube video before I venture out to eat this dish again!

eat here: waikiki

kamaage udon and tempura sides

photo credit: passportsandvisa >> kamaage udon and tempura sides

eat here: waikiki

the cold green tea is really green!

the cold green tea is really green!

Leonard’s Bakery
Oh, malasadas! My mouth is watering just writing the word. Malasadas are portugese doughnuts without the hole, they’re similar to zeppoles or beignets except  lighter and flufflier. And, they’re absolutely the best at Leonard’s. I personally love the original (plain sugar) and cinnamon sugar ones. I wish they were closer to the main strip. You’ll need to drive, take the bus, or take a long 2+ mile walk to get here from the main strip but I think it’s worth no matter your mode of transportation.

Liliha’s Bakery
Liliha’s is to coco puffs as Leonard’s is to malasadas. It’s another neighborhood spot with a vintage appeal, which is probably why I also like both of these places. You feel like you’re in the 1950’s when you pull up to either of these spots.

Mai Tai’s at Halekulani Hotel 
This hotel is beautiful and if you have a chance to sit out in their back lawn you’ll be treated with wonderful views of Diamond Head and will be serenaded by ukele’s and buzzed by the selection of Mai Tai’s.

beautiful, historic hotel in waikiki

photo credit: good search —> beautiful, historic hotel in waikiki

Mai Tai’s at the Mai Tai Bar at Royal Hawaiian Hotel 
You simply can’t go to Hawaii and not have a Mai Tai, especially at a bar dedicated to them! You can’t miss the hotel – it’s flamingo pink and a Honolulu staple. I would recommend going at sunset and grabbing an outside seat next to the beach.  I had the Scratch Mai Tai, the bar’s original recipe, and let me tell you it’s strong. But, not so strong that I couldn’t finish it, lol.

mai tai bar @ the royal hawaiian

photo credit: passportsandvisa —> mai tai bar @ the royal hawaiian

scratch mai tai

photo credit: passportsandvisa’s iphone —> scratch mai tai

if you have a moment, stop by the sheraton waikiki to see their wonderful sand castle

photo credit: passportsandvisa —> stop by the sheraton waikiki to see their wonderful sand castles

The Yard House 
While this isn’t “native” to Hawaii and is a semi-chain on the West Coast, I absolutely eat here every time I’m in town. They have the best turkey burger sliders and sweet potato fries. It’s your typical brewery/sports bar, but with a bit of up scalability.

photo credit: passportsandvisa ---> the yard house honolulu

photo credit: passportsandvisa —> the yard house honolulu


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