swipe it! dover street market nyc

architectural fantasy

architectural fantasy

One of the things I love most about New York is there’s always something to do and only in New York is the opening of a new store not only something to do, but something to add to your social calendar. It’s a place to see and be seen, and the opening of Dover Street Market New York was no different. From editors like Grace Coddington (of Vogue), to what I discerned to be buyers and other editors, the opening of DSM was teeming with fashion insiders and those looking to gain access. Upon my arrival, I saw a line curled around the corner and almost turned around, but soon learned those on line were seeking to purchase exclusive collaborations, and not just to gain entry.

I have to be honest, I love fashion and learning the ins and outs, but I wasn’t fully aware of the phenom known as Dover Street Market. That is, until I was pursuing RackedNY to check out the growing list of  sample sales happening in December, and came across the “places to shop over the weekend” and one article led to the next, which then led me to check out the store during its grand opening this past Saturday.

Rei Kawakubo, the founder of Comme des Garcons, is the mastermind behind this wonderful architectural space that houses not only her full line, but those of other luxury and emerging designers. You have the likes of Vizvim, Supreme and Prada all on the same floor with one space flowing to the next. You have a pop-up shop of limited Louis Vuitton merchandise, a Nike lab, Saint Laurent, J.W. Anderson and so many more. As not to overthink the store layout, each designer was allowed to design his or her own space.

As someone who wanted to be an interior designer when she grew up, but ultimately ended up in marketing, I was in sensory overload in the most exciting of ways. I left feeling inspired. The experience felt like what I would imagine a trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory would be like; however, instead of rivers of chocolate, there are floors of fashion and a clear elevator outfitted in polka dots.

If you decide to enter, be prepared as these designers are not for the fashionably faint at heart or those looking for a deal. If you’re not in the market for $75 tee shirt, or a $10,000 work of art by the owner and designer herself (and of course price points in between) then this is the place for you. Even if you’re not in the market, I say head over anyway to experience this space and maybe grab a cup of coffee in the café, it’s definitely worth the trip.

With such a visually interesting space, I wish I took more photos, but here are a few I was able to snap on my phone:

j.w. anderson

j.w. anderson

details in the wall

details in the wall

dover street market - supreme


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