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bedandbreakfast maui

photo credit: passportsandvisa

With Hercules behind us, but the cold lingering on, it’s with great pleasure that I finally write this post about my stay at Ho’oilo House in Maui last month. I definitely didn’t want to leave and this cold weather makes me want to plot a return trip ASAP.

first up, ambience and décor

peace. serenity. warmth. That’s what I felt during my stay at this hidden gem of a bed and breakfast.

From the owner Amy greeting me in the driveway because I took a wrong turn, to her husband Dan showing me the proper way to lock my Balinese doors, they make you feel at home and welcomed. They say the devils in the details so Amy and Dan I crown you Lucifer (in the most angelic and non-demonic way I can.) Everything about this place screams “RELAX.RELATE.RELEASE.” Let your mind roam free. There’s no stress in these mountains just peace and serenity. (sorry for the rhymes, the words just flowed out that way).

Every morning, you’re awaken by the smell of vegan muffins and bread being freshly baked to accompany the granola, cereal, oatmeal, fresh fruit juice, coffee, and loose leaf tea served for breakfast. You have a solid two hours (from 8:00-10:00) to enjoy. You can take it back to your room or sit in the open air lobby if you like, but I don’t know why you’d want to do that when you can enjoy the outside with the fountains running in the pool, birds chirping, dragon flies hovering past and a backdrop view as dichotomous as the West Mountains and Pacific Ocean and you serve as the “meat” in this paradise sandwich.

maui bedandbreakfast views

view from front lawn ~ photo credit: passportsandvisa

maui meditation

meditation gazebo ~ photo credit: passportsandvisa

maui bedandbreakfast

my balinese door ~ photo credit: passportsandvisa

next, a little slumber and suds

Oh comfy, cozy bed how I long to sleep in thee again. Honestly I don’t think I’ve slept in more comfortable bedding in my life. I settled in for a little reading and t.v and before you knew it I was off to slumber land.

ho'oilo house maui

photo credit: passportsandvisa

I rarely have the chance to take a bath but one look at this tub and I knew it was going down. The only think missing – real bubbles, but I didn’t let that stop me. I simply improvised with a little shampoo. Perfect length for me to stretch out; I used one of the towels for a pillow and people that’s all she wrote.

ho'oilo house maui

photo credit: passportsandvisa

Outside shower – in my room the sun shines directly into the shower area in the morning so how cool, or hot in this case is that. The shower head as some range, so I recommend you keep the store shut to the inside or else you could end up with a little puddle.

stay here ho'oilo house

photo credit: passportsandvisa

Get out and about

The Kaanapali beach is a hop, skip and 15 minute drive away from the B&B. I went Friday afternoon around 3:30 and it was a great time to catch a few sun rays before they dipped behind the mountains and practically had a whole stretch of beach to myself. There isn’t much “public”, meaning free parking but I lucked and found the last spot in the lot by the Marriott. I ducked under a chain, crossed the lawn and found the ocean.

ka'anapali beach

photo credit: passportsandvisa

Watch a ceremonial cliff dive: Head to the Sheraton Resort & Spa, Maui at sunset.You’ll be in for a special treat once you reach Black Rock. The resort holds a daily ceremonial cliff dive that begins with a young warrior leaving a trail of glowing torches around the property’s lagoon, and ends with making several glorious dives into the ocean below. If you want to learn more about the tradition behind this ceremony, check it out here.

Do a little shopping: If you make it over to Kaanapali beach area, be sure to stop by Whalers Village, they have restaurants and cute boutiques and shops. I picked up this awesome PanAm tee and seatbelt belt from the Malibu Shirts shop.

malibu shirts

photo credit: passportsandvisa

Hmmm, what else?

Rent a car, if you decide to stay here. It’s in a residential neighborhood in the mountains. I did see what looked like a public bus during my trips out and about, but I found having a car to be very convenient. Be prepared for Maui’s twist and turns, the beauty and beast of coastal highways – perfectly scenic and scary.

This is a bed and breakfast, so breakfast is all they serve. There’s no room service or other food on property. They do provide tea and water bottles for you. There’s a small fridge in room as well if you want to stock up on other beverages to have in your room.

Be sure to take off your shoes. This is a Hawaiian tradition that was fun to follow. It was interesting to see all of the guests place their shoes outside of their bedroom doors.

Get a massage. SERIOUSLY. I HIGHLY recommend pre-ordering this service before your trip. I had a 90 minute Loomi Loomi massage on my lanai and it was heaven. My therapist Carrie was awesome and if I ever return, I will be giving her a call.

They provide you with things for the beach or pool. I didn’t discover this until it was too late, but they have hats, noodles, boogie boards and other things for you to enjoy while at the beach. One less thing for you to have to buy and never use again….

All in all I didn’t want to leave, but at $300 a night I knew this stay wasn’t lasting forever….


4 thoughts on “stay here: ho’oilo house

  1. This was absolutely breathtaking…I felt I was right there with you… I pray that I too may get here someday. Glad you enjoyed your stay an can get back there soon. I was looking for your outfits for the trip I guess they were on the last blog…

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