travel theme: possibility

tips for paris, rome

borrowed from pinterest, via

With a new year, a new day comes the prospect of new possibilities. While I traveled fairly frequently last year for mostly work purposes, this year I’m excited about the possibility of fleeing the states and embarking on an international trip. It’s been far too long since I’ve left the states, although my trip to Hawaii felt like a foreign land it’s still technically the U.S. I don’t make new year’s resolutions, instead I dream of the possibilities of exciting things I hope to experience in the new year. This year that’s traveling to Europe. I had Greece on my mind, but after a New Year’s chat with a childhood friend (really, more like sister) we starting talking about Italy (Rome, Florence and Venice), Paris and and a possible pit stop in London. I’m excited about this possibility and if the dream comes true, rest assured you’ll read about here first. To get inspired by others’ possibilities, be sure to check out Where’s my backpack?

santorini, greece

this is my desktop image, borrowed from pinterest, via flickr – #neverstopdreaming

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