sunday surfing

sunday surfing

I can’t believe how quickly this week and month for that matter has flown by – weren’t we just opening presents and toasting to bring in the new year? Well, it’s a new year of sorts for me – yesterday was my one-year blogiversary :-). Honestly, I haven’t created a business plan or anything of the sorts for this blog, but I’m pretty proud that I’ve stayed the course and stuck with it over the past year. Thanks again, for all those who have supported me on this journey!

Okay, enough with my diatribe, in between conference calls and putting out fires here are few links that caught my fancy this week:

  1. First up, if you’ve descend upon NYC for the Superbowl (oh, I mean NJ for those who are so adamant that we remind everyone that the Super Bowl is actually taking place in NJ and not NYC) did you partake in the TOBOGGAN run down Broadway?
  2. If you didn’t believe in the power of superfoods, check out this 88-year old yoga teacher who probably has more energy than you.
  3. This weekend we’ve had a sort of “heat wave” in NYC, with temperatures finally rising above freezing, but when the polar vortex returns here are 7 APPS to keep you entertained and…
  4.  NEW YORK BARS that boast toasty fireplaces.
  5. Looking for a way to earn $9,000 dollars a month, videotape yourself eating. No really, READ how this South Korean woman is doing just this.
  6. My 10-year old self has been resurfacing this week, causing me to surf pinterest endlessly, decorate my dream loft in my dreams, sketch out my plans both in pencil and online with THIS free online virtual room programs, and making me feel like I’m the interior designer I always thought I would be…
  7. HOMEWRECKERS beware, there’s a site dedicated just for you.
  8. Get your beauty rest, increase your credit cards limits, up your gym time and prepare your stomachs because both FASHION & RESTAURANT WEEKS are descending upon NYC very soon!


One thought on “sunday surfing

  1. I did watch the 88 year old yoga expert she made me tired just watching, will also check out the website to earn 9,000 just by eating and would love to check out the fireplace bars I can just feel the warmth. Congrats again on your 1 year Blogiversary. Keep the blogs coming.

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