sunday surfing

view of the bay bridge from russian hill  photo credit: passportsandvisa

>>view of the bay bridge from russian hill<<
photo credit: passportsandvisa

The past two weeks have taken me from New York to San Diego to San Francisco to Virginia and back to New York. To say I’m a bit tired is an understatement, but when you love to travel a few sleepy days is totally worth it. I didn’t have much time to do a lot of surfing, but here are links to a few things that did catch my attention and a glimpse of the wonderful views I saw…

  1. If you’ve scoured any fashion blogger’s site, you’ve almost certain come across the ubiquitous DIPTYQUE candle in a photo. Lucky for me, and you if you’re NYC – they have a SAMPLE SALE happening this week. I’ve already received email orders from friends!
  2. During my trip, I came across this L’Occitane SHOWER OIL and I’m totally obsessed!
  3. Who needs cronuts, when a donut does just fine – TRISH’S MINI DONUTS at Pier39 are simply divine. [Got my Dr. Seuss on again ;-)]
  4. Could we have 6 CALIFORNIA’S and 55 STATES in the near future?
  5. Need a source of inspiration? Check out Fast Company’s MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE.

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