sunday surfing

first round!

>>looking forward to “legal” boozy brunches and bright and sunny days<<

Another week and another month down, 2014 is moving right along. So, I’m going to move right along and get to this week’s links that caught my eye:

  1. Did you know NYC’s unlimited BOOZY BRUNCHES were illegal for a grand total of 3 days this week?
  2. NORMCORE – what is it and are you 1 of the 7 Billion?
  3. Can you LIVE WITH LESS? A lot less?
  4. Here’s a bit of advice – USE YOUR BRAIN, completely that is.
  5. If you haven’t picked up the first issue of PORTER MAGAZINE, you should, it’s good!
  6. Amtrak has developed a FREE wRIDtERS program. (see what I did there?)
  7. Last, but certainly not least – SJP closed out February with a bang. SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker has now graced us all.

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