girls’ weekend in san francisco

Feb 2014

Feb 2014

Everyone isn’t blessed or cursed with sisters (depending on how you feel about he subject of siblings and their inherent gender). Me, I’ve been blessed not to have sisters, but knucklehead yet lovable brothers who keep me tough and somewhat motherly at the same time. I think it was God’s plan for me to have all brothers and to grow up around the corner from my guy older cousins. It has helped me to truly appreciate the women in my life and to be able to choose my “sisters” instead of having them chosen for me.

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff. As you can gather from the title, this post is about a girls’ weekend trip to San Francisco and from my opening paragraph it was with one of my chosen sisters, also known as with my actual cousin. I live in NYC, she in the Ft.Lauderdale/Miami area so we’re no strangers to the city, but San Francisco had some sort of magical hold and place that will forever be in our hearts and EYES.

just typical view

just a typical san fran view

There’s a certain rhythm to the city, it let’s you know you’re in Cali but not amongst the Hollywood surfer-dude tribes – inevitable images that are conjured when you think of this left-coast state. There’s history, culture, food, a scene without it feeling like a scene. It was a laid back pulse that somehow still forged you ahead to the next adventure.

a street car named ?

a street car named what ?

lombard street

lombard street in russian hill

We rode cable cars down Hyde Street…yelled at a taxi driver who drove on the sidewalk and argued back when we didn’t leave a tip…walked across the Golden Gate Bridge after arguing with said taxi driver…stayed with total strangers, who were totally cool and pre-vetted via…and hiked hill upon hill to take in breathtaking view after breathtaking view…

cable car ridin'

cable car ridin’

yes, we walked the entire way and it was cold!

yes, we walked the entire way and it was cold!

san fran - feb 2014

boarded with strangers

escape from alcatraz

escape from alcatraz

We fished around at the Wharf – ate some chowder and fish, saw a street performer of the human and sea lion varieties, played the role of tourist in souvenir shops, salivated over some of the best donuts I’ve ever had…and bonded with more strangers in a $6 shared limo ride that took us to the start of the Chinese New Year parade and celebrations….Happy Year of the Horse!

san fran - feb 2014

san fran - feb 2014 - fisherman's wharf

cinnamon-y and sugar-y goodness in bite-sized morsels

cinnamon-y and sugar-y bite-sized goodness

chinatown san francisco

chinatown post new year celebrations

Armed with an iPhone, iMaps and Uber we navigated the hell out of the city and saw parts I’m not eager to see again but also led us to see the Painted Ladies and partake in 90’s nostalgia “Hey Uncle Jessie!”….another bus ride to a park, that’s not quite central, but large nonetheless and housed a wonderful Japanese Tea Garden where we munched on crust-less sandwiches, sipped green tea and took pictures for future Instagram and blog posts. The garden bordered a hip little neighborhood, that was still transitioning from the 60’s to the present…my cousin tried sushi for the first time and me  ramen (not of the Maruchan variety)…

san fran - feb 2014

"everywhere you look"

“everywhere you look”



san fran - feb 2014

how cool is this door?

how cool is this door?

We headed to the beach…North Beach, that is. All decorated in red, green and white – tried to eat at Tony’s Pizza but the wait was 2 hours, so we ended up down the street where the sidewalk turned to tiles and the watching of people became an activity.

And, I can’t forget our dinner with a view – the Bay Bridge lit up with a show – and our taste buds awaken with a meal just as grand. Yes, the Waterbar is worth the trip.

view of bay bridge

view of bay bridge

In just 48 hours, I feel like I got the vibe of the city and a wanderlust to return. Next time, I plan to have more time and include a trip to the oh so close and must visit Napa Valley, which is like the mecca for a wino (*throat clear*)I mean wine lover like me. Anyhow, if you’re looking for an idea for your next girls’ or just a weekend getaway –  San Francisco is great choice. There’s something for everybody.

p.s. – San Francisco has a late summer so if you want to go when it’s warm/hot look for times in late-August and September. (just a little tip from me to all of you).

p.p.s. – In case you’re curious about what I’m wearing in these pics:
leather jacket from VS // DVF cashmere sweater // Paige denim jeans // Theodora & Callum ‘Coachella’ scarf // MBMJ sunglasses // Nine West booties // my grandmother’s vintage cross body bag


One thought on “girls’ weekend in san francisco

  1. This is just absolutely breathtaking and amazing!!! Thanks for the wonderful tips and maybe my sisters and I can do a getaway to S.F. and maybe take our daughters!!! 😉 I like your new blog Sunday Surfing as always keep up the good work and the fantastic tips.

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