sunday surfing


This week felt very much like a series of moments, not necessarily interconnected but more like mini vignettes that made a larger picture. Not sure if I can really articulate the thoughts and feelings I’ve had this week – from the explosion in Harlem (my hearts and prayers go out to all those who have been impacted), to the daily meditation I’ve been doing where each 10-minute session had it’s own distinct “feeling”, to celebrating my 3-year work anniversary with pretty much a completely different team than I started with, to spending a few days with my family to celebrate my brother’s birthday and engaging in  nightly family discussions.

Okay, now on to a few random links that caught my attention this week:

  1.  THIS STORY reminds us that we can’t simply forget about the cause behind the explosion in Harlem; the city’s aging infrastructure is very real and dangerous.
  2. Have you ever had to run to a gate to make your flight? Next time, try SCOOTING.
  3. The YMCA’s not just for basketball anymore, they provide AFFORDABLE HOUSING as well.
  4.  What’s the real cost to gentrification? The banter in this story is funny, but brings light to a serious issue.
  5. Why don’t black crack? Because eating collard greens gives you GORGEOUS SKIN, that’s why.
  6. Who’s your style icon? My guess, it’s probably not THIS PERSON.


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