packed and ready! how to wear polka dots for a work trip

polka dots for work

When I get ready for a work trip, I create a “theme” or “mood” and then pack versatile pieces accordingly. Black + white with a pop of color is my typical go-to as it’s always chic, easy to pack, and mix and match throughout the trip. However, with spring on the brink of blooming (at some point) I felt the need to shed my typical minimalism and add some color and dots into the mix for a recent work trip. I work for a tech company, but my department and the customers we support veer toward the conservative vs the Silicon Valley professional cool attire. I identify more with my Californian counterparts, but recognize the need to “appeal” to my customer base and more conservative counterparts as well.

To play both sides of this coin, I used the polka dots as my fun and solids as my foundation – navy blue trousers, solid grey pumps, and simple, understated silver jewelry as the adornment.

If you work in a more conservative industry, but have a love for fashion – how to add a POP of your PERSONALITY into your wardrobe?

Check out my new Polyvore page to see the pictured items.


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