sunday surfing

This week’s sunday surfing post has a different twist to it. Yesterday, I attended the Barney’s Saturday Series (#BNYUWS) on the UWS. Haven’t heard of it? Learn more about it here; essentially it’s a chance for shoppers to meet, greet and get first-hand tips from the week’s chosen designers.

This week Marissa Webb and Jennifer Fisher were the hosts and not only are they seriously talented designers in women’s ready-to-wear and jewelry (respectively) but seriously cool as well. They were both approachable, fun-loving and super stylish!

Enough of my diatribe, on to the links so you can go learn more about these super women as well:



  • Shop her rocker chic line HERE.
  • I have my eye on this NECKLACE and this CUFF, which Jennifer helped me try on yesterday, how cool is that?
  • Learn about her story and effervescent bad-assness here and here. Sorry, but totally jealous of her Tribeca digs….this is what dreams (at least mine) are made of.



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