sunday surfing


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photo credit: passports & visa

As Spring is taking it’s sweet ‘ole time to get here, I simply retreat to my thoughts of hopping on a plane or train to head to a much, much warmer climate. With the polar vortex that has over stayed its welcome, I’m really looking forward to an upcoming work trip to Tampa. I mean, at least I know the weather will be warm! So, this week’s links all have a travel theme of sorts. Whether you’re planning Memorial Day weekend getaways or summer vacations, you might just pick up a tip or two. Happy Sunday Surfing!

  1.  Always have a connection when booking a flight? HERE are some tips on the best way to book a connecting flight.
  2. Airbnb is one of the hottest companies in the market right now. Learn more about their grand HOTEL plans.
  3. THIS article will make you think twice, the next time you step foot on a plane.
  4. Are you a nomad? wanderer? explorer? vagabond? If so, here’s the TRUTH about you.
  5. With the ongoing search for answers around the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, THIS article asking if air travel is too safe might seem like a paradox.
  6. And to round out today’s list ~ a bucket list of BEACH vacations.

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