my first film festival…and it was of the colombian variety

colombian film festival 2014

I ventured out in the monsoon that was Saturday. The plan? First, drinks and apps. Then, the film festival. I have to say while getting drenched in my brief stints outside, I has second thoughts about venturing to Tribeca and had serious thoughts of Uber or throwing out my hand and jumping in the next taxi heading uptown. But, I’m glad I changed my mind.

As part of my daily routine, I read the “what you should know today” post by The New York Times and learn about some of the cool things happening in the city like The Colombian Film Festival ~ 6 days, 14 fiction films, 20 short films, 4 documentaries and 3 Latin American Blockbusters. It’s a lot to read all through of the summaries and settle on one, so I did some scientific factoring to narrow down the field: what day could I actually make it to the festival? what movies are playing that day? read summaries of said movies. choose 1. I decided on Simone, which was one of the fictional films and explored the idea of sexual freedom. It was in Portuguese, with English subtitles. I had my doubts on being able to follow along after eating and drinking, luckily the film was relatively light on words and more focused on the interaction between characters. I’m no film critic, so I won’t give my 2 cents per se but I will say I like how festivals give you a chance to interact with the director, Juan Zapata in this case.

With one under my belt, l might try out the big leagues next time ~ Tribeca…tiff…hell, maybe even Sundance or Cannes (a girl can dream, can’t she?).

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