sunday surfing

photo credit: passports & visa

photo credit: passports & visa

This week has been more mentally exhausting than any other in recent memory ~ new boss and lots going on with my family. However, instead of feeling defeated and pessimistic, I feel the distinct opposite. I have to say daily meditation has helped me tackle challenges with a clear and calm mind…

Alright onward and upward, here are a few links I clicked on this week:

  1. You’re next SELFIE could inspire an entire clothing line. (Under Armor)
  2. We all love a numbered list, so here are 10 WAYS TO LIVE AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE. (Be More With Less)
  3. What does your logo’s color say about you? (Fast Company)
  4. Do you find mediocrity hard? Well Phoebe Philo does. READ WHY. (The Guardian)
  5. We’re almost a quarter of the way through 2014, but it’s not too late to learn the most important TRAVEL TRENDS for the year. (Travel + Leisure)

Happy surfing! Hope you learned something new or at least interesting!


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