sunday surfing: graffiti edition

sunday surfing: graffiti Yesterday, I ventured down to LES (Lower East Side) to check out the “MOVING MURALS” exhibition at City Lore. The exhibition is a combined visual anthology of two photographers Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper, which chronicles the “golden age” of graffiti: 1970-1989.

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The walled mural is 800+ individual images from this time, with one wall dedicated to the artists themselves. The space is about the size of your living room, and the reproductions appear to be scanned versions of the original photographs that were printed on sticker paper and precisely tiled to the wall.

As one visitor suggested, to fully bring the exhibition to life, the space should be set to a soundtrack of subway sounds, with toy rats running around and topped off with the crackling sounds of conductor making an announcement. I agree. Throw in a large Red Devil spray can as a prop and voila!

The exhibition is in town until July and I think it’s worth a subway ride and hell it’s free so why not go check it out?

If you’re interested in more graffiti-related things, check out these links to get your Sunday Surfing on:

  • Check out the STYLE WARS documentary on Netflix, you’ll recognize a few of the pieces from the exhibition in the film.
  • Visit the Museum of the City of New York to check out there CITY AS CANVAS exhibition. It’s based on the art collection of Martin Wong.
  • I’ve never been, but there’s a GRAFFITI FOOD & WINE BAR in the East Village. Yelpers give it 4 stars.
  • And, it wouldn’t be proper if there wasn’t a Hall of Fame for this movement. Head to 106th & Park in East Harlem to check that out.

There’s lots of controversy around this art form, some say it’s pure vandalism and others consider it a true art form. Which side of the coin are you?

IMAGES: photos of the photos are by me, passports & visa 🙂


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