sunday surfing: let’s talk fashion

sunday surfing: fashionIf you didn’t know it was the 10th anniversary of the Mean Girls movie, you must not have checked one iota of social media this week. Clueless is still my favorite high school, fashion cult classic, but Mean Girls definitely captures the tortured nuances of high school and some one-liners still in use today ~ especially in the form of animated gifs on Tumblr.

On a personal front, it was a pretty typical week. I worked. I watched Netflix. I worked some more. Caught up on the new episodes of The Mindy Project. Worked again. Took an afternoon break to enjoy the sun when it decided to come out to play. And, then it was Friday. Okay, enough of my rambling – here a few fashion-themed links that caught my eye during one of my breaks this week:

  1. Ladies, I have a whole new reason why you NEED a new piece of jewelry. For safety purposes. Really, check out this new James Bonde-esque JEWELRY LINE.
  2. Out of all of the stories and references to Mean Girls this week, THIS ONE on The Coveteur was my favorite. It’s also the source for the image above.
  3. Companies are increasingly making a presence on INSTAGRAM, which means new start ups are finding ways for customers to shop from the social media platform. Here are 3 of them.
  4. I love living vicariously through the closets and profiles on The Coveteur and found a kindred spirit in THIS ONE. Sans the smoking part.
  5. My favorite accessories line THEODORA  & CALLUM is having a 30% off Mother’s Day Flash Sale. I recommend checking it out. I have my eye on this one and this one and really, really bummed this one is out of stock.

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