be more than a conqueror, and happy mother’s day


Last week, during one of my least favorite trips (to the laundry mat), I was chatting with my Dad and after our conversation I ended, I got to thinking about this concept of “being more than a conqueror”. On the call, my Dad told me he was proud of how far I had come since hitting a “low point” last year. That point was reflected in this post a bit. Basically, I don’t talk about my feelings very often and I essentially became a ticking time bomb of emotions. Not a good combination. Okay, moving on. See what I did there. The point is, after that conversation I began to replay chats I had with others, with them telling me how strong I was to recognize what I was going through and then took the steps to work through it to get better.

After the instant replays ended, those thoughts led me to a recent video blog my cousin is doing on her Facebook page. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and within two weeks she was already heading to her first chemo sessions. Some people are blessed with sartorial oratory skills and she’s one of them. In one of her posts, she noted that she’s more than a survivor, she’s a conqueror. Taking nothing away from cancer survivors or survivors of any kind, but the concept of conquering something and not just  getting through it is a powerful concept to me.

So much so, I literally rushed in, dropped my laundry bags to get these words out on a page. I’ve since edited a bit. I may not be blessed with that oratorial gift, but I think my gift is in my words and when that passion hits I have to get them out on paper.

You never know who may be going through something and reading this post at that moment may give them the strength to do more than just survive, but truly conquer and thrive in whatever they’re going through or desire to do.

I encourage you check out her Facebook page, she’s giving you the real about what she’s going through from the exact medications of her chemo to beauty tips on how to take care of your scalp and actually grow some hair while going through chemo! To share her story, we’re using the hashtag #fightlikeagirl because that’s what we do. We fight to ultimately conquer.

If you have your own stories to share, please sound off in the comments or provide a link to your own story. You never know who might encourage.

Now to the second part of my title…

I’d like to send a special shout out and Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing women in my family! They’re truly a special breed and definitely #fightlikeagirl when they need to conquer a battle.

Folks in VA be on the lookout for Sweet Creations by Melinda, it’s my Aunt’s (one of those amazing women I referenced above) bakery business and it’s about to BLOW UP! In that figurative, successful sense.


One thought on “be more than a conqueror, and happy mother’s day

  1. I love this post! It inspires me to keep on going and continue to fight as hard as I can each day in the name of Jeannie Chichester, our beloved Mother, and Wanda Avery, our lovely big sister, who both taught us the very best way to fight like a girl!!! Love, Aunt Lynn

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