if i had gone to baltimore, this is what I would have done


the inner harbor – the most “photogenic” area of baltimore

I trolled around the internet, scanned through my unpublished posts and random iPhone notes to try to come up with inspiration for this week’s post. I read some “blog tips” article where they encourage you to write and produce content even when you’re not inspired. But, damn that’s hard. I love when that rush of inspiration comes, words meet the screen and magic happens. I know practice makes perfect so writing even when you’re not inspired you’re still working on your craft. I get it, I get. But, let’s be honest we can all tell when a post was truly inspired.

Luckily, inspiration somewhat hit and these words started to flow. I toil with how personal I want to get on the blog. This week, I was supposed to be in Baltimore, MD for an event. However, as fate would have it I’m grounded at home with orders from the doctor not to travel. Totally sucks. And yes, I’m skirting the issue of not getting too personal by not disclosing the medical details. (lol)

So with this post, I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to write about what I would have done. Nothing earth shattering, but different nonetheless. OK, here we go.

Where I Would Have Stayed 

Baltimore’s not one my favorite cities, but it does have several Marriott hotels, which means points. Damn, I mourn the loss of those points. Anyhow, I was scheduled to stay at the Baltimore Inner Harbor at Camden Yards. I won’t give you the boilerplate, “it’s mere steps from Camden Yards, the Baltimore Convention Center and MT Bank Stadium” – you can read that for yourself. I’m just telling you where I would have stayed and subsequently given you my two cents on its condition, accommodation and the like. Trip Advisor users give it 3.5 stars and it received a Certificate of Excellence 2013 award. So, I can conjure it would have received at least a favorable review from me. For reference, my nightly rate was $189 + tax.

Where I Would Have Eaten

As we know, I like to eat and try new and different places in the cities I visit. On this trip, Woodberry Kitchen was on my hit list. One of my co-workers recommended it so I immediately went to Yelp and there it was ~ a glowing 4.5 stars from 822 reviewers! Looking at the menu, my order might have looked something like this. For starters, a cocktail maybe the Government Mule (a mixture of Prairie organic vodka, house made ginger beer, lime-ginger syrup, and is served in a copper mug) or a Whiskey Smash (a mixture of WV 99-proof bourbon, honey, WK house bitters, lemon and MD sparkling cider). Apparently they have snacks, not appetizers. And, interesting ones at that. When’s the last time you’ve ordered popcorn and not gone into a dark theatre after receiving it? Well, here you can order  One Straw Farm Popcorn for $2. Hey, I would have tried it. For supper, yes supper – there are many interesting choices and being in Maryland the Thighman Island Crabcake with a sides of potato and cheddar gratin would have done the trick. And, no business meal is complete without dessert and coffee. The Kitchen Sink (blondies and brownies and cookie dough ice cream, oh my!) or the Chocolate Covered Cherry (a warm brownie, topped with preserved cherries, dark chocolate sauce and sweet cherry ice cream) would have sweetened my taste buds (I’m literally salivating over here). This would have been a total toss up and dependent on mood, server recommendation or someone’s else joint love of dessert and willingness to order both and share. Sorry sorbet, but these desserts kick your sweet, healthy ass this time.

What Else?

Because I’m kind of a dork and like museums and have become kind of obsessed with streetcars since my trip to San Francisco in February (read more here), a trip to the Baltimore Street Car Museum would not be out of the realm of possibilities.

I mean, I would have been there for work so not too much time for sightseeing, but I also have friends who live in that area so a reunion dinner followed by drinks would have been the proverbial icing on the cake and way to celebrate the end of the show. I would have been free at last! 🙂

TRAVEL TIP – Prep before you go. There are some seriously apocalyptic looking and unsafe places in Baltimore. Random story – One day, I was on the train going from New York to DC and a fellow passenger looked over at me with a horrified and quizzical look on her face and said “Where Are We?” I replied, “Baltimore.” Yes, it was that shocking. According to this site, Baltimore has a crime index of 4 (out of 100) which means it’s only safer than 4% of the cities in the US. Consider yourself warned.

So, how’d I do?


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