sunday surfing: the couch surfing edition

binge watching netflix sketch

No, this is not referring to the travel phenomenon of sleeping on strangers’ couches to save money. But, rather the phenomenon of sitting on one’s coach for an inordinate amount of time surfing through and binge-watching Netflix and Apple TV programs to pass the non-work hours away. {Side note – THIS article is hilarious and tells you what people really think about brands, Netflix is included.}

This past week, I was grounded at home due to some medical stuff {I’m OK, but had to take it easy nonetheless.}and I found myself doing A LOT of couch surfing to find new programs or movies to watch. I also conjured up some nostalgia by watching  a few of my favorite shows from the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Here are few shows & movies I watched this week:

  • I love Sex and the City, I mean who doesn’t? It was just a great show about 4 women who had careers, each other, great fashion sense and of course, NYC to call home. This formula “inspired” a couple of shows that didn’t quite take off ~ do you remember the short-lived Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia shows? If not, go Google and then check them out on Netflix.
  • As a black woman, it can be hard to find shows that focus on people that “look like me”. In the 90’s and early 2000’s, we had a good run with black television shows that actually had substance. Unfortunately, they’ve now been replaced by soul less and culturally deficient reality shows. Anyways, I was ecstatic to find one of my all-time favorites, Girlfriends available for download on Apple TV. It’s only the last two seasons {a little bummed it’s not all} but I’ll take it and I’ll take this time to say the show STILL NEEDS A PROPER ENDING!!! Can we just have a two-hour movie special or something??
  • Mademoiselle C. I was happy to stumble upon this “newly added” fashion documentary this week. It follows Carine Roitfeld, check all her credentials here, on her journey as she left her position as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris to start her own magazine CR Fashion Book. It gives you a glimpse into her life, and it made her “human” to me. She appears to be a very warm, loving and sincere woman. My only gripe with the film – the constant switching between French and English with non-consistent subtitles. It made it difficult to get the “full effect” of the documentary.
  • Terms and Condition May Apply. Again, another documentary. But, this one applies to us all. Do you know what you’re “giving up” when you click accept? It might just be your soul. Seriously, check out the documentary and you’ll see what I mean.
  • And, one for the randomness you can find on Netflix ~ Best Night Ever. It was more like the worst movie ever. To me, it was a very poor stab at being the women-version of Hangover. I mean, you could have filmed somebody walking down the Vegas strip and come away with a better movie than this. Sorry, but this one I would not recommend unless you’re curious to see how bad it is.

Happy Sunday Surfing! Hope you had a restful day for the week ahead.



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