sunday surfing: unofficial kickoff to summer, happy memorial day

sunday surfing memorial day 2014

In honor of Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer here in the states, I thought I’d share a few facts about the holiday and some travel tips + ideas for those impeding summer trips.

  • Did you know Memorial Day started off as Decoration Day? Me either, HERE are 6 more historical facts about the holiday.
  • Live in NYC + don’t have a car? Don’t let that stop you from heading to the beach. THRILLIST gives you an in depth list of all beaches accessible from NYC and instructions on how to get to them without a car. I know, awesome, right?
  • Funds a little tight, but still want to enjoy summer nights? Look for free events in your city. Here in NYC, there are several summer movies series, including THIS one at the Intrepid Museum.
  • Weekend trips are the shit {pardon my french} in the summer. Because it’s hot here in the states, I’m not as concerned about jaunting off to some Caribbean or faraway island {I’d rather save that for when it’s bitter cold and my tan has faded into oblivion} but I still want to explore. Quick trips to cities like ChicagoToronto, and Boston, or small towns like Provincetown, Savannah or Charleston sound intriguing to me.

Hope everyone has a fun + safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Thanks for stopping by and sunday surfing with me today!






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