sunday surfing: i know what you did last weekend


Ok, well maybe I don’t know what YOU did, but I know what I did, and that was have a lot of fun with my family! For two weekends in a row!

First up, Family Fun Day – my parents, me, my 3 brothers, nephew and a partridge + a pear tree {kidding, but you get the point}. After much coaxing and coordinating, we got the whole family together, piled into two cars and headed north to National Harbor, MD. It was an all around great day. Weather? Check. It was a beautiful 80 degrees. Live music? Check. The Navy band was rocking! Riding the new $15M Capital Wheel? Check. The enclosed pods are a major upgrade from the open air version at your local carnival, but you’re paying for that. One ride will cost you 15 big ones.

Next up? Another 48 hours with my road dog you met on the blog here. Finally, summer time in the city and we didn’t waste a minute. She landed, freshened up and we hit the streets. Dyckman Street, that is. After savoring some glasses of wine, witnessing the shutdown of the restaurant next door and grabbing some late night/early morning grub… we retreated home to rest…but not before some more girl talk + chardonnay went down.

After what seemed like a cat nap, we were back up and at it again. First stop? Food. At one of my favorite places, Cafeteria. There we picked up the third in our trio…enjoyed the sunshine, then retreated inside. The Ultimate Trunk Show – emerging designers…open bar…free massages…free manicures…another open bar…haircuts + hair do’s. For the bargain basement price of a $10 entry fee. Not bad. Not bad, at all. Did I mention open bar? Oh, yeah there was free coffee too.

After enjoying the show {read: open bar}, we ventured west to the Meatpacking District…grubbed at Bubby’s…then began our journey back uptown…a quick subway ride later…we were in hell…Hell’s Kitchen…downing margaritas and munching on chips…

Sunday we surfed down the island of Manhattan…but not before we took in the view, snapped some pics and sipped on our first drinks of the day at the marina (La Marina)….from there we became boricuas on Fifth Ave as we leaned back to take in the Puerto Rican Day Parade….

Subway surfing some more we landed on the Manhattan-side of the Brooklyn Bridge…walked that bitch and then it was “BK All Day” after that…a quick bite to eat in Brooklyn Heights….then we played in the park…Brooklyn Bridge Park…soccer games….water parks…volleyball courts…and rooftop pizza + beer gardens…something for everyone…

Hope you had fun surfing through this post today!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! Hope you’re enjoying the day with yours because I sure am with mine! 






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