#solotravel idea: take a spa-cation

camelback inn spa  My office closes for a week during summer and I contemplated what I was going to do. Have a stay-cation in NYC? Nah, kind of boring. Go to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic? No again – it’s hard for me to pay for an island trip when the temperatures are “nice” or hot in the city.{Think I’ll save that getaway for one of those polar vortex weekends}.

Hmmm, so what’s a girl to do?

Ah, yes! Take a trip to the spa and relax.  I decided to cash in some points and miles and head to the desert. As the ads say – the point of all of those points (is to use them after all). When deciding on a place, I did a few google searches on best spas in the U.S. and several spas kept coming up in the southwestern region. I headed over to marriott.com and voila, a few clicks later I was booked for 3 nights at the J.W. Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa. More on the hotel in another post. Now: just focusing on why going to a spa is a great idea for a solo trip.

Reason numero uno: it’s okay if you’re alone at the spa. Tranquility is the mantra. No cell phones. No travel companion. No problem. Just grab a robe, pair of slippers a chair by the pool, and the book you’ve been trying to read and you’re good to go.

Reason numero dos: when getting a treatment, it’s just you and your therapist or esthetician so you don’t need to have to someone with you while getting a massage, body wrap or facial. Right?

Reason numero tres: sometimes you just need to be alone to really reflect. Take a moment to look at things going on in your life – are you happy with your career? with a relationship you’re currently in? When you’re disconnected from your phone, email, social media and people from you’re everyday life you have an opportunity to just sit back and think. It’s life-changing and much needed.

Reason numero cuatro: when you order from the spa menu the portions are more reasonable and suitable for one person – no waste here.They want you to be reasonably healthy, right? So portions are along the lines of what you should eat anyway.

Reason numero cinco and probably the most important: you can partake in cool and relaxing treatments like a hot stone massage or desert honey nectar wrap. Both of which I did during my spa-cation.

There are a million other reasons why spas are great (my plan is to write more about my actual spa experience) but when you think about it they really provide the perfect environment if you want to get away and just be with yourself.

Just my two-cents. And, based on my recent personal experience.




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