spa trip for one: camelback inn resort & spa


me, post spa treatment

me, post spa treatment – “just let your sooooouuuul glow” lol

Have you ever wanted to take a trip, but didn’t have anyone else to go with you? If you’re feeling timid about the idea, I suggest taking a long weekend or mini-vacay and heading to a destination spa, like The Spa at Camelback in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s absolutely wonderful.

Your scenery? Desert land bookended by the Camelback Mountains and topped by a cloudless sky and peacefulness I didn’t know existed. Upon entering the spa, you check in at the counter and you’re handed your pass for the day. Note – if you schedule a treatment you have access to the spa for the entire day, otherwise, you can pay a $35 fee to enjoy the amenities for the day. There are friendly reminders in convenient places to remind you that it’s a tranquil environment so no cell phones, please. I must say it was nice to disengage for a bit.

The spa is co-ed, but there are separate women’s and men’s locker rooms – where clothing is optional behind those doors. During my time at the spa, I didn’t see that locker room scene guys dream of and women secretly detest. It was nothing but white robes, towels and slippers….sorry guys!

What do you get at the spa?

At Camelback Inn, you’re provided with a robe, slippers and a key for your locker so no worries about bringing your own. And they provide anything else you might need – razors, combs, shower caps, and the typical toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair spray and even natural, liquid spray deodorant.

You can read and see the other great amenities on the site – aromatherapy steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and lap swimming pool so I won’t bore you with those details. But, there’s also a restaurant inside the spa, Sprouts where you can sit down and have breakfast, lunch or drinks or order poolside while soaking up the sun. I recommend the Tiger Prawn Pizzette, a great twist to something typical and the Passionate Bellini, it was oh so refreshing!

How long of a stay would you recommend?

I was in Arizona for 2.5 days really (Monday afternoon, Tuesday + Wednesday all day and I left Thursday morning) so I booked one treatment for each of my  full days so I had access to the spa during the bulk of my trip. When scheduling the treatments, they recommended doing my massage first and then doing a body treatment (if that’s what you’re interested in) on the last day so you don’t wash everything away in the pool.

Okay, so what about the treatments?

Day 1 – I opted for the Native Hot Stone Massage. The technique used for this type of massage is focused more on the movements and relaxing of the muscles through the hot stones vs. friction created in other types of massages. Note – yes, the stones are hot, but the therapists do place a cloth on your skin to provide a barrier when the stones are placed on your back or legs to relax the muscles. Otherwise, the stones are not too warm to cause any irritation. If you’re really tight and stressed, I would probably opt for one of the more friction-based massage to really work out the kinks, but if you’re just looking to get relaxed and relieve some tension then this is the massage for you.

Day 2 – the Desert Nectar Honey Wrap. This was truly a spa experience. Based on the recommendation from the locker room attendant the day before – after sitting poolside for hours I took a quick shower and headed into the  steam room to open my pores. I dropped the robe for this one and headed in with just a towel and a prayer – it’s really hot and steamy in there but boy did it feel good once I adjusted. After what felt like eternity, probably more like 3 minutes {you should do no more than 5 minutes at a time} I wrapped up in my robe, grabbed a cold compress and headed to the waiting room.

My esthetician, Carla, was wonderful. She explained exactly how the treatment was going to take place and in an ever-so-soothing voice told me exactly what she was doing while we worked through the appointment. First things first – you are in the nude for this treatment but Carla was a total profession donning a towel for those brief moments of indecency.

The treatment began with me sitting on what I imagine is some spa-grade saran wrap and subsequently becoming drenched in oatmeal, buttermilk and honey. It was splendid. While wrapped like last night’s leftovers, I was then treated to a scalp massage. The whole time I was thinking, if I were rich I would hire someone to wash my hair and massage my scalp like this ALL THE TIME.

After rinsing off, it was then time for my facial. I have my own 3-step weekly routine but this was much more involved and left my skin glowing (I mean, did you see the picture above?). I did learn that the clay masque I was using is good to get rid of blemishes, but gel-based masques are best if you need more moisture and want that dewey glow. After re-robing and receiving my list of all of the products used during the 60-minutes, I went for a quick stint (about 10-minutes) in the sauna to seal in all of that moisturizing goodness before getting dressed and ending my coveted time at The Spa at Camelback Inn.

What else?

All in all, my experience was wonderful and I didn’t feel the least bit lonely as there were other “solo” women and mostly couples (not large groups) of both your typical husband/wife or two friends looking for a quick escape varieties. And, by going to Scottsdale in July we all pretty much had the run of the place.

What are you waiting for? Stop reading and start researching your own solo trip!

Selfie taken by me on my iPad. As the women’s locker and waiting rooms were  “safe zones” and the trip was meant for relaxation I didn’t snap too many insider pics. 





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