a tale from seat 7D

seat 7D

I find myself in seat 7D fairly frequently thanks to my silver elite status and checking into my flights early (I’m talking within a couple hours of when the 24 hours check-in time strikes “midnight”). The seat is a tease – so close to see first class amenities, yet so far. You get a bit of luxe with the seats and legroom but alas no free meals and more importantly no free wine. Well, unless your plane sits on the taxiway for more than two hours and you’ve all but missed your connecting flight and by the time you take off and the flight attendant comes around, “Anything to drink? Would you like to purchase food?”

First thought ~ drink coffee, need to read an entire book for my training class I’m traveling to.

Next thought ~ wine, yes wine. I noticed the lady in the set of seats next to me ordered a red wine, and went to the hand the flight attendant her card. The flight attendant said, “No, it’s o.k.”. So, I think ~ hmmm, I’ll give it a try and yes, free wine. “Courtesy of the captain”.  Why thank you captain, thank you.

Note – if you find yourself in seat 7D, if you only carry on you might have to put both of your carry on pieces in the overhead or ask the flight attendant to move a bag. I’ve found that they tend to place a “supply” bag in that space.

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