sunday surfing: germany edition

german country flag This week’s Sunday Surfing post is all about Germany (and not because they won the World Cup). I’ve been doing crash Googling courses to prepare myself for an upcoming trip. I won’t have much personal time on this trip as I’ll have to hurry back after my event to rest a smidge, unpack, repack and fly out again within 48 hours. To add insult to injury, my in-country ride had to bail on this trip so I’m on my own for the first leg. Luckily, I’m acclimated to the city life (i.e. – no driving and relying on trains, taxi’s, friends with cars and the occasional Zip car-ing around) so taking public transportation won’t be too much of a shock to the system. But, not quite understanding what anything says just might. Wish me luck and I’ll be sure to report on my experiences + takeaways.

Here are a few interesting things I’ve learned this week:

  • According to one of my sales reps, the Deutsche Bahn app is a lifesaver. I downloaded it and was able to review train schedules; however, I found trying to purchase tickets a bit of hassle. I wasn’t able to create a username online as the only countries for registration were in Europe. Not one to give up, I just went to their website, bought my ticket from Frankfurt to Ramstein, printed it out so I’m good to go. If all else fails, I can at least show the paper and hope to be directed on the right path.
  • My degree is in International Business/Marketing. I certainly have the marketing part down pact, but haven’t exercised the International Business side too much in my career. So when I spoke to my rep to get some tips he told me there are about 5 words I should learn in German: 1- Please 2 – Thank you 3- Wine, please 4- Beer, please 5 – Excuse me
    Go figure wine + beer were included. He is a sales guy, after all. I didn’t go the Rosetta Stone route for this. I found Google + YouTube to be quite sufficient. {And, of course I’ve jotted down more than 5 words – I have about 2 pages of phrases in my pocket passport travel notebook.}
  • When you Google “Top 3 things to see/do in Frankfurt” you’ll get a variety of responses. One place always mentioned? Romer Square. Guess I must go see that at a minimum.
  • Let’s see what else? Apparently, there’s a debate over the oldest city in Germany. Trier (recommended to see if I have time) is in the running. It’s supposedly a quaint country-side town.

Well, danke (thank you) for reading this post. Happy Sunday Surfing!


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