how to: dewey skin in 9 steps

women facial

If you saw this picture of me post spa treatment, and thought hmmm I want that “soul gloooo” to radiate from my skin. My recommendation? Go to the spa. I’m no beauty expert and I’m not going to pretend to be, but that glow I achieved was from a wonderful esthetician named Carla at The Spa at Camelback Inn. She was wonderful so if you find yourself there request her. She performed my Desert Honey Nectar Wrap.

One of the prized possessions from that treatment? The list of products used and my attempt to remember the process she did for the facial. Let’s see how I did:

  1. Cleanse + exfoliate w/ Clarisonic brush + June Jacobs Creamy Cranberry Cleanser ($44)
  2. Tone w/ Kerstin Florian Neroli Water ($35)
  3. Steam w/ a hot towel (or over the stove, using a steamer – but the towel is the safest bet)
  4. Soothe + calm skin w/ Kerstin Florian Lavender Oil ($36)
  5. Rinse
  6. Mask w/ June Jacobs Mandarin Gel Masque ($52) – for acne-prone/oily skin use a clay masque
  7. Rinse
  8. Repeat sep 5 – massage Lavender oil into skin
  9. Hydrate w/Protective moisturizer SPF 30

Want to DIY? Here are some additional notes to set the mood:

  • Strip down to the bare essentials and wrap yourself in a comfy terry robe + slippers
  • Play soothing “spa” music. Pandora has a station dedicated to it.
  • Fill your room with wonderful aromas. This spa mister looks cool.

Now, get to Googling so you can book a treatment or get these products to DIY.


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