2 days in frankfurt

frankfurt, romer

romer square – most of this had to be re-built after the war

I travel a bit for work, but most of my travel has been within the U.S. However, this year they let me break in my freshly renewed passport and head to Germany. I have to be honest, I was a bit out of my traveling comfort zone as I haven’t left the states in awhile, but happy to report all went well. And, I even checked off one of my goals for the year – GET THE HECK OUT OF THE U.S.! And, somewhat accomplished my goal to visit Toronto this year (I had a layover there on my way to Frankfurt, that kind of counts, right?).

Most of my time in Germany was spent in the Rhineland-Palatinate area, a state in southwestern Germany, and once my writing juices really start to flow again you’ll hear more about my stay and travels there.

For now, let’s talk about what you can do in 48 hours or less in Frankfurt, shall we?

where to stay – Frankfurt Marriott 

I recommend the Frankfurt Marriott, it’s swanky! Modern. Upscale. Comforting. Oh, and the breakfast buffet is a must! I mean they have everything. Want an omelet? Pancakes made fresh w/sweet butter? Pastries? Oatmeal or smoked fish and salmon? German sausage, any one? Seriously, they have it all. Along, with fresh juices, teas and coffee. It’s the best spread I’ve seen, an 30 euros well spent (it’s part of a business package add-on).

Travel note – the Marriott is about a 30 euro + 15-20 minute ride to the airport. And, be prepared to watch a lot of CNN or old dubbed movies. Sorry fellow Americans, there are only a few channels in English. If you need your TV fix, bring DVD’s or make sure your Netflix account is working. But, this shouldn’t be a huge deal, I mean the whole point of traveling is to explore the city and not stay holed up in your hotel room the whole time, right?

what to do – Take a City Tour

Embrace being a tourist and sign up for a bus tour. For 35 euro, you can hit EVERY high point in Frankfurt {Romer Square, the Main Tower, Goethe Street (Frankfurt’s mini “Fifth Ave”), Stadl Museum and Old Sachsenhausen (a great area to bar hop)}.

I did this one. It included a 1.5 hour guided tour with the option to do the hop on/hop off afterwards. Our guide spoke English (albeit with a fairly thick German accent) but I thought it was a good way to see everything without having to use too much brain power on what trains or buses to take. Frankfurt is a relatively small city so taking the tour allowed me to get the “lay of the land” and if I find myself there again I’ll feel much better about taking on public transportation or just using my two feet to get around.

frankfurt's skyline as seen from the tour bus

frankfurt’s skyline as seen from the tour bus

this cafe used to be a jail!

this cafe used to be a jail!

water used to run through here...

back of romer town square…water used to be where the street now is

frankfurt - market


a rooftop view...

a rooftop view…(on top of Zeil Galleria)

where to eat – Frohsinn 

German cuisine is alright with me – I don’t get down with the schnitzel, but bread + potatoes at every meal, (um, yes please (bitte) and thank you (danke)!) Vegetarians and non-red meat or pork eaters rest assured, you’ll be alright. They serve lots of things other than pork and beef. I had very good fish, chicken and pasta dishes while there and of all things, I really enjoyed their salads – didn’t have a bad one. Vegans, I saw a few things for you as well (check out the market near Romer Square). Those with high blood pressure, consider yourself warned. Germans like their salt. My feet were swollen on more than one occasion during this trip!

There are tons of places, but Frohsinn was one my friend and I stumbled upon. We were stopped in our tracks by the grand courtyard who’s entrance was castle-worthy. We both settled on the snapper, with a side of potatoes and a mixed green salad. And, they had a cool game of  Guess Who? on their wall.

where to shop – Aschenputtel Second Hand 

Looking for designer duds at a discount? This is your place. They have everything – Chanel, Louis Vuitton, YSL… I swiped the visa and brought home a new Chloe Marcie Mini crossbody in brown. Most of the stuff is second hand, but there are a few pieces that are practically brand new!

what else – Etiquette + Mannerisms + Final Thoughts 

Fellow Americans keep your ‘tudes in check. You will find very polite and helpful Germans, but on the flip you will find they have a very direct way of speaking. And, don’t expect water at your table, you will need to ask and do expect to pay for it. But, you will get a free basket of bread with an assortment of spreads.

Tipping – many places you don’t have to worry. They look at you crazy, others yes. 15% is standard.

As I prepared for this trip, I thought I was going to have the same passion and exuberance as say this post about my girls’ weekend in San Fran. But, I have to say the words didn’t flow so freely so apologies if this post feels a bit more sterile. Not to stay I didn’t enjoy my time in Germany, but I think I expected to have more of the Old World European feel on this trip and that just wasn’t the case. As our tour guide reminded us, much of Frankfurt and Germany for that matter was destroyed during the war.


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