sunday surfing: lazy days of summer

lazy days of summer florida

I’ve traveled pretty extensively this summer (albeit mostly for work) but with all the travel, I don’t feel like I’ve had much of a summer. I know, I know, the days of having an entire summer off have long sailed away but I expected this summer to be full of boozy brunch dates, trips to an amusement park or two and at least a few beach days sprinkled in. So, I was quite happy to be able to spend an entire 7 days at home this week and catch up on sleep, read some blogs, respond to emails, and actually hang out with some friends (they’ve been sadly neglected).

And, with all of this free time, I was able to construct a proper Sunday Surfing post, hope you enjoy:

As I mentioned in THIS post, I have quite of bit of travel on the horizon. What I’m looking forward to the most? Taking a mini vacay on the Big Island of Hawaii. Volcanoes, Zip lines and helicopters, oh my!

My favorite season is right around the corner, and I found this 5 ESSENTIALS OF FALL shopping guide to help keep me on track.

Two words. THE POMP. One click. Many laughs or eye rolls depending on your opinion about guys and their hair.

I’m all about organization and re-purposing. DESIGN DARLING accomplishes both with this post.

Current obsession? L’Occitane DIVINE CREAM. One sample has made me a believer.

Happy Sunday Surfing + Last Lazy Days of Summer!


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