My 5 Most Helpful Travel Apps

travel apps

When you start to travel a lot whether for work or personal, you find yourself becoming more reliant on apps you can access easily on the go. For me those include:

  1. Passbook – At first, I didn’t see the value in this pre-loaded iPhone app. However, with the schedule I’ve had the past few months it’s been a great place to keep all of my boarding passes, train tickets, rewards cards and event tickets and passes.
  2. United – United is my preferred airline so having the app for easy access to check-in, change seats, check my flights or add a club pass on the fly has been especially great for upgrading the seat my company’s travel agency usually sticks me in.
  3. Uber – I use this app in big cities and small and have not had an issue yet. I find Uber to be particularly great in those mid-sized cities where taxis are not always plentiful, nor particularly understanding of the need to use a credit card for payment. Uber eliminates all of that – you pull up to your destination and payment is automatically handled and a copy of the receipt is emailed to you. How perfect for expense reports?!
  4. Yelp – I mean, a girl’s got to eat. And, while I try to get the lay of the land before I go to a new location, that doesn’t always happen. My bookmarks list just keeps growing and growing.
  5. 7 Minutes – sometimes that’s all the time I have to get a quick workout in, and with this app you have the choice of different types of workouts – the basics, pilates, or you can even make your own. The best part? I don’t have to take up space in my luggage with a pair of sneakers. And, trust me after the 7 minutes you’ve worked up a sweat!

So fellow travelers, what apps do you rely on when traveling?

Image above is an actual screenshot of the first page of my travel app folder. As you can see, the 5 I’ve listed are certainly not an exhaustive list, but definitely the ones I use the most!


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