packing organizers + travel essentials

essentials to get me through a trip...


If you’ve followed along with me on the blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, then you know I had a busy travel schedule this summer. From Scottsdale to San Jose, home for a day or to, then jetting off to Germany, coming home to rinse and repeat before flying south to Orlando ~ took a ride down to our nation’s capital before heading to the left-hand coast to spend a week in the valley – Silicon Valley ~ had a weekend to catch up with friends before re-visiting Augusta and National Harbor. Phew! I just got tired again, thinking how much ground I covered in a mere three months!

I learned about Flight 001 from travel extraordinaire, Hitha Palepu of, and became slightly obsessed with their futuristic design and practical travel essentials. I took a trip to the Flight 001 store in NYC and had to contain myself ! They have way too many cool travel goodies! However, I was good and only walked away with these 5 essentials.

  1. F1 Go Clean Set – in this set you get 1 laundry bag, 2 shoe bags and 1 stuff bag. I also found the zippered bag that they all come in to be useful as well. For my quick trips, I used that as my “laundry” bag as the one in the set was fairly often still full with laundry from my previous trip.
  2. F1 X-ray receipt holder – most of my travel has been for work, so expense reports are a necessary evil. This receipt holder was perfect to keep the receipts from my multiple trips in order. I used each tab for each trip and removed the receipts once I once able submit a report. And, the neon colors helped me to easily find it in my new travel tote.
  3. F1 X-ray Quart Bag – this bag is a game changer. It doesn’t tear. For those moments when you’re liquids or gels will inevitably leak, it keeps that all contained without damaging anything else in your carryon bag. The best benefit? You actually get a bit more space than the typical Ziploc quart bag you’re likely using and a choice of colors! Can’t beat that in book. Mine stays packed with my staple toiletries (face wash, moisturizer, moroccan oil, toothpaste, deodorant, and eye drops).
  4. F1 Green Europe Adapter – only used this on one trip (to Germany) but it worked like a dream. The outlets in German are recessed and this one fits it perfectly. It doesn’t fall out of the wall like some of the other international converters/adapters. Additionally, I didn’t need a separate converter – all of my electronics (laptop, iPhone, iPad) all worked with this adapter. For any future international trips, I’ll likely purchase the 4-in-1 adapter as well. The color-coding concept makes it a bit fun, in additional to being practical.
  5. Compression socks – oh, circulation! When spending hours on planes, these are critical to keep the blood in your legs and feet circulating properly and to prevent swollen ankles and feet. And, the polka dot design is just icing on the cake! Function + fashion = love.




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