sunday surfing: travel rituals

sequoia dc

from my iPhone: view from Sequoia Restaurant in Washington, DC

Over my past few trips, I started to think about certain “rituals” I have when I travel. For instance, I say a prayer during the time when the plane taxis and right before we’re about to take off. It puts me at ease for any “bumps” we might encounter during the flight.

Unpack quickly. When I get to a hotel, I immediately unpack my bags and try to settle myself as quickly as possible into my “new” home and city. This is also needed for those outfits that may need a little extra time to get wrinkles out. Sad to say, but I’m just not big on ironing or steaming. I like to grab, get dressed and go.

Local restaurants. I always try to eat at a spot that is quintessential to that place ~ at a minimum I try to eat local. I mean, I can eat at a chain anytime, right?

An aisle seat. I like to have “control” of when I get up, particularly when it’s time to get off the plane or I guzzled a bottle of water or wine (no judgment) and need to get up in a hurry. Times when this doesn’t happen? If I happen to get the airport earlier than expected and try to get on an earlier flight if I can. Sometimes there’s just no place like home and I’m in a hurry to get back to it.

Carry on luggage. This is the essence of this blog. My goal is to see how few things I can pack on any given trip. It’s really become an obsession and in the process a great skill. My next challenge? I want to see how I can avoid carrying my work laptop with me on my business trips. Stay tuned on this one…

Photos. Since I’ve started blogging I try to remember to take photos of things that might make for a good blog post at later time. My iPhone hates me for this. And, I’m starting to feel sorry for my point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot. It just doesn’t leave the house anymore. Which lends to the reason you won’t find many stores dedicating space to this camera category.

Apparently, I’m not the only one whose thought of this idea. Check out this page of rituals from fellow travelers. One that shocked me? The sacrificing of an animal of some kind. Huh?! I just don’t get it.


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